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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Supermarket Self-Check

By Claire Jean

The line is slow
Still I won’t go
Where many with ease
Find self-check a breeze
All that I see
In the rush to go
Jobs that once were
Now buried below

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Since the stores are saving money by using self-checkout does that mean they will pay me? Or subtract it from my bill? And will the machine ask how I am and let me know if I made a mistake with a coupon and point out that one of my boxes has a rip and tell me a new recipe for something that I am buying?

Claire Jean, we didn't really know
That you were Edgar Allan Poe.
Your poetry is good and true
So, this is what we say to you.


I also boycott the self-service lines, but my reason is different. I've been unable to figure out how to use the %*#@ things. There will always be human checkouts while I am a valued customer.

Like your poem.

Hate-hate-hate self-service at the grocery store. I see people much younger than I am, which is almost everybody these days, struggling with it too. If there were a supermarket nearby that did NOT have self-service, they'd have my business, but there isn't.

Thank you all for your comments.

BTW: I did use it in the past, maybe twice, but decided on principle not to again.

Nancy … Edgar Allan Poe …. What fun …You made my day.. thank you :-)

Nope, don't use them. MS Jean, I agree with you. And yes, I like the personal exchange when I conduct business.

I don't use them either. I like my grocery clerk and I don't like helping them get rid of people's jobs.

I have never used one where I didn't end up having to call over the clerk to help me complete the purchase. Happens at airport self check in kiosks too. Sometimes It amazes me how much work we as consumers are now required to do that company employees once did--and we get to print out everything using our own ink and paper too. And It doesn't seem to have saved us one penny on the cost of the goods and services we buy.

I only like them when I have a lot of spare change in my purse that I want to get rid of. And not too many items to scan. Even then I often have to call for help for one reason or another. I wonder if the self check-out will last? It's onerous if you have to shop for a big family.

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