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Monday, 06 April 2015

What’s in a Name?

By Trudi Kappel

Both of my parents loved music. Because we lived in a tiny rural village, the only local live music was the high school marching band. However, Mom’s and Dad’s musical taste leaned more to J.S. Bach than to J.P. Souza.

The nearest classical concerts were performed 30 miles away by a community orchestra. Despite the travel involved, Mom and Dad bought season’s tickets for many years.

The orchestra employed a professional conductor. The rest of the musicians, mostly music teachers and their best students, were not paid. They did a credible job but it was not the New York Philharmonic.

Often, when the orchestra needed a soloist, they would hire a soon-to-graduate student from the Julliard School, the pre-eminent American music conservatory. This worked well. The orchestra played with an emerging young artist, the student had an opportunity to perform with an orchestra and also to earn some money.

We were surprised when, before one concert, Dad said that he didn’t want to go. He was positive that the evening’s soloist was going to be terrible. What could you expect from a classical musician who went by a goofy nickname?

Mom prevailed, they had paid for the tickets, there were no weather issues, they were going!

After the concert, both parents raved about the music and the soloist. They said the young musician was highly talented and they predicted that he would have an outstanding career.

Dad mused, “The kid is good…he’s very good. Who would guess that a guy named Yo Yo could play the cello?”

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Super! And what a rare treat they had, to see such a talented musician!

Liked your story. In a somewhat related experience, I wrote a blog post belittling a young athlete named HaHa because his named seemed inappropriate for a though guy football player.

Turns out HaHa was a solid performer in his first year as a pro and probably will develop into an all-star. (I've deleted that post!)

oops ... that's tough guy.

What a lovely story and Such a lovely treat for your parents and the other lucky members of the audience that night!

I really enjoyed your story. Great ending!

Man, that made me laugh right out loud. Funny how a name can throw out such a reaction! But what a chance to see an emerging master. Thank you for sharing this story.

And what about 'ma'? Who has a name like 'ma' except your mother?

normal named musician

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