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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I Can Always Be Right; Sometimes Left is Better

By Clifford Rothband

We use two GPS's full time in our car and AAA auto club. They have great tour guide maps and books.

A lesson my wife learned about touring is that we never go wrong. Getting lost is the best part. She used to yell at me, "Turn right, Turn right! You missed the cutoff!"

Big deal, the GPS will correct us and like I always say, let your spirit lead us to a better place. The route might be bumpy but hey, we are retired; time is cheap.

One of our most memorable trips was driving through New England in the early fall. The foliage - one just can't believe in the beauty of nature. Behold, Look at those colors. Often we had to backtrack a day or so later and of course, the view changed. Nature exploded in different hues and contrasting colors daily, if not hourly. That's living life to it's fullest.

Life is change, a state of flux, to adapt, acceptance. It's what takes the boredom or repetition away from those lonely days. Just the two of us realizing that we each have our own priorities, influences and tastes. That we all are created equal, just different.

When I worked as a salesperson, a drapery installer, or an auto body mechanic, every client looked for fault to chisel the price down.

I often laughed when there existed a genuine real fault and someone's pettiness had them looking at the wrong area. I could not let on so I did what was necessary to appease the situation. Often doing what was requested and sometimes, to my eye, making things worse, but what the hay; I had to bring the check home. One has to use his noggin lest a "professional know it all" take advantage.

I've often spoken of a client who had a TV court room program. Of course, at the installation everything came in wrong. It wasn't my fault; it was the fault in the stars. Or co-incidence, which some say is nature's way of showing its supreme wisdom or existence.

So anyway, the great judge, he noted my observation and he showed a little dissatisfaction. All I could say was that we'd take care of it. Not to worry. I am just the mechanic, I'll do my part to fix or replace what needs to be done to make you happy.

That word, happy. All we really exist for is pleasure. I know that the deposit money doesn't ever meet the cost of goods and supplies,;my labor is cheap. Still, there are also other expenses involved like rent and what not.

This judge, he about floored me. He paid me for everything and took my word for it that I would take care of it. Yes, I did order replacements and then he called up the next day and he opted to keep most of the original mistakes, admitting that he was not always right.

On top of that, he recommended us to so many new clients. An outstanding gentleman, or mensch, as some might say.

Now getting back to our travels, this one time in Connecticut we were looking for a lobster buffet. The restaurant's name was, by co-incidence, the same as my first name.

Of course, the GPS led us astray, into someone's backyard and they invited us to share a seafood dinner. But my wife insisted that she have her lobster quota so off we went again.

We found our objective, then we see the sign: "Sorry, closed Mondays!" Now we read the menu posted. I think it said something about having an ATM inside, or maybe 75 clams for dinner. Not within my allowance.

Again by co-incidence, or bizarre chance, this woman passes riding on a bike. She advises us that Mystic Pizza, like from the movie, including photos and movie posters galore is down the road. "Just take a left and you can't miss it. The absolute best food at the most modest prices."

It was one of my life's most memorable meals. "I am not always right. Sometimes left is better.”

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A good tip is any that gets you to Mystic Pizza. Been there, done that, when our son lived in Mystic. The food always was good. Good story, Clifford.

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