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Thursday, 08 October 2015

The Dragon That Swallowed The Moon

By Vicki E. Jones

My husband said it was a lunar eclipse, an eclipse involving a super moon meaning a bigger and much brighter full moon than usual. He said the moon would appear blood red when in full eclipse when the earth was between the sun and moon and the earth cast its shadow fully on the moon. It would seem to glow red when in full eclipse.

But I recalled something from Chinese mythology. Chinese mythology says that a lunar eclipse occurs when a dragon (masculine) eats the moon. So I had my own version of what happened a couple of nights ago.

First, a gigantic, scary-looking dragon that was covered with green scales and had smoke coming out of its nostrils and could breathe fire and throw flame was attracted to the overly-bright full moon. The smoke coming out of its nostrils gradually covered up the surface of the moon.

The dragon itself was invisible, a characteristic of the cloak of green scales that covered the entire dragon, much like the light-reflective invisibility cloak that science is currently developing. The dragon’s scales were light-reflective so the dragon could not be seen by the human eye.

Then, in an effort to stop the overly-bright moon from devouring the sky, the dragon swallowed the moon. The moon could then be seen glowing from inside the dragon and the color, as seen from outside the dragon and glowing from within the dragon’s body, appeared to be red, or sort of brownish orange anyway, which is what I saw in the sky.

Then a heavy layer of clouds moved in and neither the dragon nor the moon could be seen anymore that night at all. Or at least that’s what happened a couple of nights ago when the dragon swallowed the moon.

By the next day, the dragon had decided the moon didn’t taste good and wasn’t very digestible and spit it out. So the moon rose that night just like it was supposed to and was the usual bright white color since it was no longer inside the dragon.

I asked my husband why he was calling the moon red, what scientists called a blood moon, when what I saw was a sort of brownish orange. He insisted it looked red. I saw brownish orange. He said it wouldn’t happen again until the year 2033. We will be 86 years of age then, if we make it to 86 years of age.

My husband pointed out that my version of events is not scientifically valid. A blood moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse when the moon disappears as it floats through the earth’s shadow because of the same effect that turns sunsets orange and red. The sunlight is fragmented into very small particles. It is called the Rayleigh scattering.

He can say that all he wants. I find it just as believable to think that a dragon swallowed the overly bright super moon. The moon glowed red from within the dragon and the next day the dragon spit out the moon and it rose in the sky and was the usual bright white color, just like it nearly always is – or, at least. the color it is if it hasn’t been swallowed by a dragon and isn’t glowing through the dragon and appearing red or brownish orange.

I feel one explanation is just as believable as the other. And besides, I like dragons. Especially huge dragons, big enough to swallow the moon. The scientific explanation is boring.

The only thing is that having learned the moon doesn’t taste good and isn’t very digestible, in 2033 a different dragon will be the one to swallow the moon. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

I just hope I’m still alive to see it.

* * *

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Are you a writer of children's stories? If not, you should consider it.Your version of the event is much more creative than the one that was given recently! I can just see the dragon spitting out the un-tasty moon!

Janet - Thank you for the idea! That is quite a compliment! Wish I could write on demand. A friend of mine commented my story proves the moon is not made of green cheese. The dragon would have digested it, and there would be no more moon, if made of cheese. I can't stop laughing.

What Janet said! This would be a delightful children's book and you are the one to write it...

Thank you, Fritzy! Now if I can only figure out how to get an illustrator and turn it into a book. I can't draw dragons!

When i was still in grade 2, it seems i always see things that cannot be seen by other children and my parents thought that i was only dreaming, and i also pacify myself that im only dreaming. I do sometimes feel and see something or someone behind my back or sides but then it was only passing and shadowy image, not so clear. But the most unforgetable experience i have is when my mother awakened me, one very early morning, about 3am, and she pointed at the big full moon above the sky. She said to.me "cant u see it?". I focused on the moon only to see that it was getting brighter and gradually darker. I said "what did u see, i cant see it clearly." then she just brush her hands to her eyes and brushes it again on my eyes. Ohh so amazing, i did see it! The moon was partially swallowed by the glittering scaled and white shadowy dragon or "bakunawa" in terms of Filipino ilonggo people. I dont really believed in babaylan or quack doctors but i do believe there are so many out there that are really gifted to see unbelievable things that normal human being cannot. How i wish i could see that dragon again. I can only see the unusual shape and movements of moon at present but not as clearly what i have seen during that time, that fantastic moment TBL

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