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Monday, 02 November 2015

I Love Talent

By Arlene Corwin of Arlene Corwin Poetry

I love talent!
Just love alent!
Talent is an ace,
A grace –
A freebee,
Something that you get for nothing;
Something that’s a bank, a chest
Of treasures
And a toolbox all-in-one.
What next, and
How to reach it,
Find and turn it
From a talent
To a skill? Still more,
Teach it
How to be its best?

Talent’s quest as guest of soul:
Soul butler and handmaiden.

I love toiled refinement
And the balance of alignment;
Risk of pain,
Of world’s disdain:
A talent in itself –
And I love talent.

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Because I lack imagination, I'm always flummoxed by your unique poetry. But I'm intrigued as well, always trying to understand it. The next to last stanza calls for an explanation for me.
Is it the need to pass it on to truly implement it? Bring it to fruition?

Sounds like we need to acknowledge and use the talents we are given. So many of us ignore our talents in search of other things.

Dear Janet,
First of all, it's not likely you lack imagination. Just the aptitude for writing poetry, maybe. I have no for any kind of arithmetical thingie. Can't count for a hill of beans.
As for the 'next to last stanza', it means: (and thanks for making me think this through in order to make it understandable, since I don't want to be considered an esoteric writer, considering myself as concrete as the Brooklyn sidewalks I grew up on) talent is your servant, to use and serve the very essence of you. You search for it (the quest) as you might a an honored guest. Once you find it, it is your servant and serves you even as a servant, slave or lovely handmaiden might.
I hope this satisfies you. Write again if it doesn't - or even if it does.
And Vicki, as I implied to Janet, we've all got talents and as you said, we ignore them and perhaps never even learn that they exist. Yes, we're often in search of other things - other useless things - which steal our time.
Thank you both.

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