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Thursday, 05 November 2015


By Marc Leavitt of Marc Leavitt's Blog

[On reading The New Yorker’s “Goings on about Town” in my wheelchair]

New York is such a walking town,
How could I ever get around?
They have Otello at the Met,
I’d like to hear the tenor, yet
I don’t have the ability.

It’s all about mobility:
For one, I’d have to rent a car,
And two, would I get very far,
Without some help to find my seat?
The effort would be quite a feat.

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Reading this makes me very sad, as I know I will never see NYC again. I tell myself that I'm lucky I've been there and done that, but some days it doesn't help much!

Reading this makes me sad,too. I haven't been to NYC and really don't mind. I do mind missing many events here in Houston, because of poor night vision. I stay home when it gets dark. I am grateful for the good things remaining in my life....and that includes you, Marc, and your charming poems. Keep on writing!

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