Storytelling Excellence Award - Nominees and Winners

This monthly award was created to honor the excellent work of the storytellers who contribute to The Elder Storytelling Place. Winners are chosen by reader vote from five nominees selected each month by the editor, Ronni Bennett. In January, an annual prize is awarded, also by reader vote, from the previous year’s 12 winners.

Every story at The Elder Storytelling Place is worth reading and in addition, the website has become a remarkable repository of what real life, written by real people, was like throughout most of the 20th century and continuing now into the 21st.

If you are interested in contributing, the instructions are here. Below are the monthly nominees and winners. Winners are indicated with a double asterisk.

July 2008
** Robert Lamb for
Black Coffee

Ronni Prior for
The Mouth of the Babe

TravelinOma for
Remember Me

Linda Davis for
Sisters With Hankies

Herchel Newman for
Utter Frustration

June 2008
** Lia for
Collective Critical Censorship

Rabon Saip for
Just the Three of Us

Mort Reichek for
Meeting My Boyhood Idol on Chowringhee

Camille Koepnick Shaffer for
The Omen

Linda Davis for
Treat Softly, Heroes: On Meeting Seth Godin

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