I agree, sex keeps the hormones flowing, that helps keep us fit. We need to keep active, and a good sex life is part of that. You don't read much about elder sex, thank you, and encourage others.

Why does no one comment on how sexual seniors (80s) who have no partner (and are not looking) get sexual satisfaction? Am I the only one in this situation?

I cannot tell if I can't perform certain strength-required action because I don't understand the directions or if I am just not strong enough. Frustrating.

I totally agree with this issue about sexuality of us seniors and I love your word, Geriotica. Are there collections or books which you can recommend?

I completely agree with you I am 81 and my husband is 86.... and we do love our moments and important to have the togetherness and closeness. Gives us a lot of confidence in each other.

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