It looks very comfy and fun! I'm not retired yet so still blog at home.

But I do a lot of blog reading on the couch while my husband watches TV at the same time. We're together but pursuing separate interests.

I love that you blog at a coffee shop. I guess I am too lazy to go out of the house to blog. I like the idea though. I might start trying that.

Well, glory be!! I am so shocked to see you here! But how cool! And what a great idea to blog at a coffee shop. So much blog-fodder in people watching, and nice to be out of the house. One of these days I need to buy a laptop so I can do the same thing.

I do most of my blogging in our living room. I don't like going....anywhere.....really. At age 70 I'm fortunate to have a comfy home with my husband and "fur babies". I just recently found Time Goes By and feel such a connection. I'd say I'm aging..but not gracefully. My skills are limited these days and I'm finding it most frustrating. Wish I could write! Talk without forgetting names and words! Walk without falling! Wish I could use my laptop with ease...but I feel...and see...that ability slipping away. I love reading what other write. I have a blog but haven't been able to keep with it.

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