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Bill Moyers to retire from broadcasting

category_bug_culture.gif Bill Moyers, the host of the excellent PBS news magazine NOW with Bill Moyers, has confirmed his retirement, following the November election, from television.

The man who, before turning to journalism, began his public life as deputy director of the Peace Corps in the Kennedy Administration and served as special assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1963-1967, recently turned 70.

"All the septugenarians I've interviewed through the years," he says, "have taught me something. They lived long enough to turn their experience into wisdom, and to share it, which is the reason I wanted to talk to them in the first place; listening to the wisdom of the elders can be like tasting vintage wine."

Of the years yet to come, Moyers says:

"Truth is, the foreign country ahead of me - the seventies - is not as exotic in my imagination as my long-ago twenties or thirties. Trying to remember those years is like taking down an old map from a musty attic to discover the world laid out there is gone forever. So you give a quick check in the rearview mirror and a light touch on the pedal; all that's left is the open road and you're grateful once again to be on it."

I am grateful to Moyers for many fine programs he presented over the years. Television will be severely impoverished without him, and I fervently hope he will share his accumulated wisdom with us while he travels that open road.


I love the new look! All of them.

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