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Even NPR fails older folks

category_bug_ageism.gif Linda Ellerbee quite rightly got her dander up over the removal of Bob Edwards as host of National Public Radio’s Morning Edition in this piece originally published in the Los Angeles Times on Friday. The implication, says Ellerbee, is that the NPR executives are looking for a younger audience and they believe only a younger host will deliver that. Says Ellerbee:

“Our trouble is, we’ve allowed young to define old. Golda Meir was 71 when she became prime minister of Israel, Michaelangelo was 66 when he finished the “Last Judgment,” George Burns won his first Oscar at 80, Grandma Moses didn’t start painting until she was in her 70s. But they didn’t do any of those things in 21st century America, where reality is a television format, celebrity is a profession, and age is a moral failing.” [Emphasis added]

Hear, hear!


... and hear.

I started taking photographs at the age of 17. Forty years later I have started trying to do it professionally and I have no intention of stopping because someone else has decided that I've crossed some line. I've also started studying for an MA and have every intention of getting my Doctorate before I get to 70.

I should add that this is partly down to you Ronni! I found this site via one of those serendiptious chains of links and weent from here to fotolog...

And hear again! I'm definitely not nearly as accomplished as Bob Edwards is (or Ian, either) but I'm also not too old at 75 to contribute to society, which I continue to do. . . .As most elders continue to do in their own way.

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