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Famous older folks speak up about aging


I was inspired to give you a better sense than just a name and mouseover alt tag of the Weblogs I’ve linked under the header Older Bloggers when I took a closer look than I had the first time around at Debra Galant’s site.

Today it’s Ian Bertram and his Panchromatica blog. I’ve been reading Ian and exchanging the occasional email with him since sometime last year. If memory serves, he discovered my earliest stabs at this blog last fall and also found fotolog through me. We both post photos there regularly. You can find Ian’s "flog” here.

Panchromatica is concerned with people, places and world politics with an emphasis, at least recently, on politics. He’s a serious man with passion for world peace and human rights, but he also has a wicked sense of the absurd as demonstrated by this link and this link I took from his site.

Ian has a second blog, Panchromatica2, that he says will concentrate culture, music and art. If he were putting it to a vote, I go with blogging it all in one place, but if he insists, I’ll visit both. And so should you.


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