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Old enough to play nice

This is a flyspeck of a problem compared to the Iraq war, torture of U.S.-held prisoners and the deceptions carried out by the current administration in Washington. I cannot affect what President Bush and his cohorts do, but I can take care of my little issue.

A woman whose Weblog I listed under “Older Bloggers” began her own blogroll with the same title using links from my list. So far, so good. Wider distribution of Websites I like is the point of the blogroll.

She acknowledges in a post (buried because she only publishes excerpts on her home page) that her list is “completely stolen from Ronni Bennett,” and links my name to my “About” page with an additional link to home page. All that is still generally well and good.

Then I discovered she has posted all my links, no new ones, under the title “Older Bloggers’s Digest,” on one of those aggregate Weblog list sites, and doesn’t even credit me there.

That takes balls.

Use my stuff. Quote me whenever, wherever you like. Tell others about stuff you find here that you like. But play nice and give credit. That includes using the “via” convention to acknowledge the original source when you learn of a Weblog worth writing about from another blog. It’s the right thing to do.

Whew! I’m glad I got that off my chest.

And I’ve removed the offender from my blogroll.


A single tear rolls down my cheak for those poor, unfortunate, helpless TERRORISTS. We should spend alot of time worrying about their well being.

These are the same people that kill innocent Americans and drag them through streets and hang them off bridges.

The people who are crying out over the abuse of these "terrorists" are the same people that were dancing in the streets when the twin towers came crashing down on the heads of innocent Americans.

Maybe you and other bloggers should keep that in mind.


You certainly are included on the list, and on my "Favorite Places" list on my sidebar as well. If I had known how to credit you on Kinja, I would have.

I had no idea you would object to this; I have, of course, removed the digest. I have not removed you from my "Favorites" list.

My sincere apologies.


Apology accepted, Sharon. I pretty much don't care who uses my stuff as long as I'm credited or asked ahead of time.

In the case of the Older Bloggers list, it was weeks and weeks of blindingly boring work to track down most of that list before I found The Ageless Project, and then most of the folks on that site I already had on my list, though I found a few more there.

So it felt like being ripped off to see my hours and hours of work under someone else's name.

Thank you for taking down the list at Kinja. You can put it back up if you can find a way to credit it to me.

Again, thank you for the apology.


Nick Denton at Kinja has been kindly walking me through the process of trying to change this digest so it can be handed off to you -- perhaps we should take this discussion to email? -- there are technicalities involved . . .

I wanted to mention that Time Goes By is also in the "Culture & Politics" digest; and has been on my Links page since the day I found you.

Ah, yes, sometimes it is incompetence rather than evil intent, and not only in politics . . .



That sucks!!! :-(

I salute the dignity and grace with which both of you, Ronni and Sharon, have dealt with this situation.

Your demonstration of civility gives me hope that even us Older Bloggers can continue to learn new ways of playing nice in the sandbox of life . . .


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