Baby boomers and responsible aging

Older Blogger Statistics

There is a new blogging survey from Henry Copeland at measuring various demographics and behaviors of the 17,159 people who participated in the survey between the 17th and 19th of May.

The first stat that caught my attention, though unrelated to age, is that only 20.9 percent of the respondents identified themselves as bloggers. 79.1 percent are readers only. Somehow, in producing this Weblog, I’ve been thinking that visitors are, for the most part, other bloggers. Give that one second's thought and of course it's not true. I can't imagine where I got that dumb idea.

Don’t forget that there are millions of bloggers plus who knows how many who read only, and participation is certainly skewed by which Weblogs linked to the survey. So the results represent a small, self-selected sampling of the blog universe [click the link above for other caveats]. But the survey is nevertheless interesting in regard to the results that relate to older people. I am pleasantly surprised.

AGE: 19 percent, 4800 respondents, are age 51 or older, and 170, one percent, are older than 71 for a total of 20 percent of us older folks out there playing in the blogosphere. I’m impressed. And that percentage is likely to grow as, according to another, more scientific recent survey, the 65-plus crowd is the fastest-growing demographic on the Internet.

RETIRED: 3.9 percent, or 669 people, identified themselves as retired, a word that feels increasingly anachronistic these days. Few people talk about doing that anymore as they approach their late 50s and sixties, but for those who have retired or will do so, the Internet is a sensational tool for keeping in touch and active, as I’ve written about.

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: This is worth looking at in regard to older folks because we tend to vote in larger numbers than younger people. A total of 60.4 percent identify themselves as Democrats or Independents. This number reinforces my anecdotal sense that there are a lot more liberals online than conservatives.

Of course, it is more than probable that my personal bias is showing in the sites and Weblogs I visit. But I spent a lot of free time over the past two months scouring the Internet for any kind of older bloggers, whatever their political leanings or interests, and far more often than not when the the blogs I found were of a political bent, they were liberal.

I have no idea if that means anything and it is not unlikely that it can be consigned to the same bin as my mistaken idea that all blog visitors are bloggers.

Mr. Copeland says he will release more information from the survey today, so check out the results and see what you think.


Yep, you're right, I'm one of the "Olders" (but I'm not saying older than who) and I'm a liberal lefty about most but not all things.
Come and visit my blog. It's good to find you (via Deborama).

I wonder how much of the increase in blogging/internet use by 65-year-olds is due to people who use the internet aging, rather than to older people's suddenly becoming interested? I've been using computers since 1959, personal computers since 1983, and the internet since 1998. However, I wouldn't have shown up in the stats for 65+ until 2003.

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