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skippy the bush kangaroo

If you’re a diehard George Bush fan who believes anything less that 100 percent support of the president makes a person anti-American and probably treasonous, there are a lot of Weblogs that will enrage you. Leftie politics is a growth industry in the blogosphere and one of the best is skippy the bush kangaroo - all lower case, all the time, even to the point of removing caps from quotes – an annoyance that skippy’s sardonic wit and general indignation make (mostly) tolerable.

skippy, a Los Angeles film and television actor “who has done stand-up comedy in his life,” started blogging in July 2002. His ongoing anti-Bush-administration screeds are unrelenting. They are also intelligent, funny, serious, wide-ranging and important. This recent entry caught my fancy:

“in today’s press conference, attorney general john ashcroft said to be on the lookout for potential al-qaeda operatives who are european-looking, in their late 20s or early thirties, traveling with families and speak english well. so if you see this man, let the authorities know immediately.”

Without skippy, who has a lot more time on his hands than I do to read, I would be hopelessly behind the curve on the best political stuff in the blog world. In several posts a day, he updates what’s being said in a vast number of other political blogs, quotes the best and links to others telling us why they piqued his interest. Not all (anti)Bush all the time, skippy is just as likely to pick on the Democrats:

“it occurred to me earlier this week, that is seems the republican party has leaders which are significantly more intelligent than its constituents, but that the reverse is true for the democatic party.”
“apparently the corporate scandals are giving the democrats a campaign issue. great. now if we can just find someone to give them a spine.”

The media:

“cbs and the new york times' latest poll finds americans think president bush is 'overly influenced' about big business. all skippy can say is, no way, next you'll be saying the sky is blue! stop, please, stop!”

A woman who opposes gay marriage:

“chill out, mona. them homos ain't after yer kids!”
And sometimes he just passes on a funny idea he's had:
“i think that when tom waits does his next album, he should call it 'for no man.' then the album cover will say ‘tom waits for no man.’"

Skippy’s self-promotion tends toward overkill. His blogroll links exhort those who haven’t linked back to him to do so (hey, skippy – link to me, link to me) and he posts at the bottom of his home page an endless list in a tiny font size of all referrers from the past five days. But you gotta love him anyway - he is smart, his eye and ear for stupidity are finely honed and his way with language is a delight.

Oh, yeah – and one more thing. I like his attitude toward age:

“ok, kids, all together now, one, two three: the market is tanking again. yes, yes, i know this blog is beginning to sound like a broken record (a metaphor understood only by people over 30).”

If you’re not reading skippy, you’re missing some of the best leftie commentary online.