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EDITOR'S NOTE: If it's Tuesday, it must mean 80-year old Donald Murray's column is out in the Boston Globe, and today he is writing about the oddities of aging. It's a lesson we can all benefit from about being who you are at any age.

The tagline on My Mom’s Blog is “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and she will be 79 years old later this month. Millie Garfield is billed as the Internet’s oldest blogger and what I like best about My Mom’s Blog is that while Millie covers a wide variety of topics – from movies to Mah Jongg to politics to dieting and even a little marriage counseling - she also tells us what it’s like to be her age.

Just last Sunday she let Nescafe have a piece of her mind about their anti-old folks packaging:

“The customer service person told me that I had to put the container on the counter and with two thumbs press down and then open the lid! How do they expect a 78-year-old lady who has poor eyesight and arthritis to do that!”

Go get ‘em, Millie.

She’s got nearly eight decades of experience and a lifetime of stories to tell. Not long ago, Millie noticed it was time to renew a car sticker:

“Fortunately there was no line so I decided to take care of it then and there. The only problem was the station only takes cash and I did not have $29.00 in my wallet BUT I have a lifesaver in the trunk of my car.
“Let me explain. My husband Aaron, who has been gone now for 10 years, always kept a spare $20.00 bill in the trunk of the car and I have continued to do the same. It has helped me many times.
“Thank you, Aaron.”

There is a strong sense from Millie's blog that she and Aaron had a long and happy marriage. Perhaps one reason is a bit of advice Millie quotes from Donald Murray's Boston Globe column:

“There's a lot of talk advocating communication in marriage among those generations pounding along behind us,” writes Millie. “When they catch up, they'll look back and realize the secret of a long marriage lies in what has not been said.”

Millie’s son, Steve Garfield, is one of the more ubiquitous bloggers around the Web who is recently an early adopter of video blogging. Is it six Websites he’s got, or did I count seven? Steve set up his mom’s blog for her in October 2003 and before long, he didn’t need to do the posting for her any longer.

“Yesterday attended an Internet Class,” she reports. “I know a little and want to know a lot more. Well, what I learned yesterday was the background of the very young substitute teacher. She did not ask us where we were coming from, what we knew, what we were interested in learning. She did not know the answers to some of our questions and could not get the screen positioned so that we could see what she was doing!”

Stop by My Mom’s Blog. Millie’s doing just fine without a badly taught Internet class.


Hi Ronni,
That's a great post about my mom!


Thanks, Ronni! What a great blog to read! Mom will now reside on my sidebar.

Millie is a hoot to read. I think that you had pointed us/me that way a few weeks ago? I check her out every few days.
On communication in marriage: As the great philosopher Tom Lehrer said, "I believe that if a person can't communicate, the least they can do is shut up!" or words to that effect.

Hi Millie, Guess what, I got it... Maybe I'll try this out, too...

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