Some Questions of Maturity
Teenage Charlotte

10 Questions From Crabby

It is a god-given right of crabby old ladies, Crabby believes, to point out follies and incongruities that hinder the pursuit of health and happiness. Here are ten questions regarding some dubious practices that, with a little effort toward solutions, could benefit life in general:

  • Why are prescription drugs advertised on television to viewers who have no expertise in their use? Some commercials don’t even say what disease or condition the drug treats.
  • Why has Martha Stewart been allowed to sell her prison memoirs for $5 million? Isn’t there a law against profiting from crime?
  • Why isn’t the New York City public transportation system subsidized? It costs $16 for a family of four to travel round-trip on a subway or bus.
  • Why, in the age of the Internet and online banking, must customers inform banks and credit card companies of their privacy preferences by snailmail?
  • Why does newsprint still rub off on your hands?
  • Why is health coverage attached to employment? The two are unrelated.
  • Why are cell phones so popular when more than half one’s calls can’t go through or drop off in the middle of a conversation due to dead spots?
  • Why doesn’t the U.S., like other countries, hold elections on the weekend or make election day a holiday so the lines to vote aren’t so long in the morning and evening?

  • How do fundamentalists of all religions become so certain they are right and everyone else is wrong?
  • Why do all news stories about the war in Iraq refer to troops or boots “on the ground?” The phrase sets Crabby’s teeth on edge every time she sees or hears it and now some fool writers are using it as a metaphor in other contexts.


Go crabby, go!

Take Care

Great questions, all! I think I agree with all of them.

Why do teenagers possess a mysterious gene that renders them inable to replace empty toilet paper rolls! (The world may never know, as this gene appears to be nondetermining after adulthood and thus having no in-house mother/maid - a real example of Darwinism at its finest)

I don't understand the US electoral registration system but given the involvement of lawyers and the challenges to registrations which appear to be prevalent, the need to vote for everything from President to dog catcher in one election and the general politicisation of the registration process I'm not surprised you have queues.

When I vote in any of our elections in the UK it takes about 10 seconds to mark the paper and I'm back out of the door.

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