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Baby Ronni


Baby Ronni

[7 December 1941] Mommy and Daddy were taking pictures of Ronni in her bath when a shocking announcement was made on the radio: Pearl Harbor had been attacked.


williambernthal @ 2003-09-11 12:47 said:
You can see the shock and dismay in Ronni`s face!

airmemories @ 2004-04-14 14:08 said:
Hi Ronni! I realize that I didn`t see the very beginning of your flog. I`m coming back to visit these precious early images of yours. Look at that face! I can still see the same curious look in you today!

tomswift46 @ 2004-04-25 07:21 said:
Wow! Wonderful one! I love to go back to the beginning of people`s Flogs. What a find.


I have enjoyed the Timeline series immensely. I hope you are able to transfer the comments from the other site.

I really love this feature!

I can't wait to read more.

Take Care

Ronni, I just stumbled into your "About" and was moved to post a comment by your words, "These days I am trying to find out what it is like to grow old. It is stunning how little popular writing there is about this. And it is shameful how older people are treated by every aspect of American culture. I want to help change that."

Things are changing, and doing so in a very large way. It's just that we have a hard time seeing the changes much as travelers on a great oceanliner don't readily detect changes in the ship's directions.

I speak to and consult across a great spectrum of industries and have seen new developments in the past two years that were not conceivable to many of the people behind them.

A host of negative attitudes on aging that have been in place in the West for generations, even centuries are dissolving. It is a wonderful time in which to grow old.

By the way, are you familiar with Helen Luke's "Old Age?" It is a fabulous book on growing and being old that achieves its sublime distinction not by candy-coating age, but by exploring the very soul of aging with wide eyes and at times a great sense of wonderment.

Ronnie, you were such a cutie!!! Abd there's even a rubber duck in the photo! I'm looking forward so much to the series.
Melinda Applegate

I was seven on Dec. 7, 1941 and my parents separated permanently on that day.

12/7/41....A memorable day in my life as well....

Mom, Dad, Bro who was 11, and I who was 10, were moving into our brand new home in Inglewood, CA. There was much conversation that L.A. would be next bombed and that we children must be sent back to Phoenix, AZ to be with grandparents....

We did go the next day on a train...My panic was that our parents would be killed and we would never see them again. Happily, that did not happen. My Mom celebrated her 100th birthday New Years Eve, 2010!

I love TIME GOES BY! Especially the music area! Thanks for all the great efforts!

I am an arranger keyboard oldie but goodie! Nearing 80 yrs old!

Elizabeth in New Mexico, U.S.A.

Not to get off subject, but that bath looks exactly like the one I used for my son in 1956. Thanks for the memory.

Most enjoyable was seeing that baby in the canvas type bathing tub. With my first born I used same and it brought back a sweet memory. They should sell these now as they were great.

The photo was really memorable. A thing like this is priceless.

Could you give the date on your blog on incontinence. I'm going through that right now and would be interested to know how you have handled it. I enjoy your blog so much!!

Jill J Withrow
[email protected]

Since Ronni is busy for a few days, I looked it up and found 3:
June 12, 2012
July 21, 2014
March 29, 2018

Scroll down the right side til you see: Search (& submit), put in a word and you'll get results, including some comments. Since I didn't go through the entire list, there may have been others Ronni posted.

Hope this helps.

My father told me that, on Dec. 7, 1941 when I was almost 11 months old, I was rolling a beer can around the floor when the news of Pearl Harbor came over the radio.

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