Merry Christmas, Everyone
Queen Edith I

Grandma Hazel and Great Aunt Edith



[circa 1918] Beautiful young sisters. I met my grandmother briefly one afternoon in 1969 in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she then lived. In her late 70s by that time, widowed and mildly off her trolley, Hazel had always refused when my mother invited her to visit us in Portland when I was a child because, she said, someone might steal her oh-so-precious antiques if she was not home to protect them.



You're going to string out your Aunt Edith story just to keep me/us tagging along, aren't you? OK. I'm hooked and expecting to read a lot more about her. Have a great weekend!

Notice that Aunt Edith is wearing knickers? Was she a rebel, or was that a style in 1918? If so, I never heard of it or saw any woman of that vintage wearing them. Perhaps Edith was a trailblazer. She looks determined and intelligent enough to be.

Also, notice how no one is named Edith anymore? Names are trendy, usually shadowing celebrities, like Jackie in the sixties, etc. But while certain old-fashioned names like Sarah and Jesse enjoyed a revival, Edith never did. That's why I like the name, and have named one of my major fiction characters Edith.

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