Sensing Some Loss
Remembrance of Those Past

Little Brother Paul



[circa 1953] When my brother began reading and writing backwards – god for dog, luap for paul - teachers said he was slow. Mom and Dad refused to accept this and it became my task each evening to cram the English language into Paul with flashcards. Although our method is undoubtedly not acceptable to dyslexia experts today, he grew up to be a writer and newspaper editor, so I guess it worked just fine.


closerlook @ 2003-08-22 said:
I just found your site today, and I am enthralled. Wonderful.

airchild @ 2003-08-22 said:
Great work you have done... a miracle happened! Nice log you have here.


Please tell me that neither you nor Paul was adopted into your family because you two look so much alike--so cute! (You'r chin dimple is a tad deeper, though--LOL.)

Not adopted, Cop Car; we're full-blood siblings. Many people have told me how much we resemble one another, but I've never been able to see it.

I think at times we all experience variations of dyslexia - some more prounounced than others. A friend's son had a strange problem, he inserted letters mentally when trying to read words, so that "river" became "reeiiveer" or somthing like that.

I'm dyslexic enough that I see strange words. Miraculously, upon second or third reading, the sentence will make sense--when I finally "see" the correct word.
Ronni--I defy you (boy! that's coming on strong isn't it?) to look at Paul's photo and the first photo of your chronology of photos and not see the strong resemblance. Put your hair on him--if it helps you--LOL.

i'm glad i clicked on your site . . . i thought i was one of very senior bloggers at 50 . . . but it is just a number, isn't it - too bad our bodies didn't get that memo . . . :o) . . . love the pictures . . . saija

Oh my!
Synochricity- again!
When my youngest daughter brought homework home after her first grade class, and she wrote "god" for dog and "act" for cat, I knew right away that she was dyslexic and that we had a long, hard road ahead of us.
She's just finishing work on her Master's degree in Education and eventually will return to the workplace as a school principal or perhaps the head of her own Charter School. She learned the work ethic very early as a result of her "disability". Maybe a blessing in disguise?

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