Social Security – Part 2: Non-Retirement Benefits
Grumpy Old Men and Crabby Old Ladies

Ronni Age 7



[5 October 1948] Two months after this photo was taken, Mommy and Daddy told me they were getting divorced. Secretly, I was happy because life could return to less fearful times with just Mommy and me and now, my baby brother. But I cried at the news because I thought it was wrong to feel that way about Daddy. So successful was my acting that – to my utter disappointment - Mommy and Daddy stayed together for another eight years.


polaroid_billy @ 2003-08-21 said:
oh ronni, you can no more blame yourself for them divorcing than you can for them staying together. as children we always take the blame upon ourselves for everything that happens to us or around us. how are you today? thanks for sharing your private past with me.

cinefilo @ 2003-08-21 said:
Great picture, I liked all. Congratulations!

ribena @ 2003-08-21 said:
my thanks to Aaron, clarsen, hop, bytefactory and fredshead. and much more, of course, to you. "The memory is sometimes so retentive, so serviceable, so obedient - at others, so bewildered and so weak - and at others again so tyrannic, so beyond control." - Jane Austen, Mansfield Park


Your comment on the photo just made me giggle. When one remembers what it was like to be seven, this is SOOO much like what you think when you are seven! I really love this series of photos.

I was just about your age when my parents separated and I understood and appreciated some of the reasons that brought about the breakup. I hated the fights that preceded the... debacle. I wasn't happy that it happened - I missed my dad a lot and hated his later re-marriage and the arrival of two rival demi-siblings but I didn't miss the fights.

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