Social Security – Part 3: The Trust Fund
Great Aunt Edith

Ronni's Godfathers Lew and Henry



[1946 and 1962] Lew, my mother’s best friend from high school, and Henry were lifelong companions who introduced me to such singers as Bessie Smith and Ruth Etting and taught me many secrets to throwing unforgettable parties.


sckelly @ 2003-08-29 said:
What are the secrets?

Kayo @ 2003-09-11 said:
I want to hear about the parties!


And I want both!

I would like to hear about the secrets of throwing a great party even though I do not plan to have any.It would be fun to hear about them, especially how you express yourself.


Is that "Lew" on the left? (The one sans shades?)
He looks a lot like your dad.

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