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Update By Oliver



that’s me up there on the desk – oliver the savannah cat trying to catch a nap a couple of days ago. ronni woke me up to take this picture and i don’t like to be disturbed when i’m sleeping. you can probably tell that from the look on my face.

if i leave these updates to ronni, she’ll mess them up...what does she know about what i i’m taking over. here goes.

first, apologies to archie the cockroach who used don marquis’s typewriter back in the 1930s to write prose poems about his life with mehitabel the cat. he got published in a real newspaper and books, and i’m stuck with this blogosphere stuff. but as archie used to say, wotthehell, wotthehell.

like that little bugger... he wouldn’t last long around me; bugs are yummy...i have trouble with the shift key so i’ll do this in lower case and leave it on the computer for ronni to mark up the html. she seems to like doing that. she spends way too much time at the computer, but she is such a sucker. all i have to do to get her to stop is hop up on the desk and pat her cheek softly with my paw.

1000022_img i’ve been living here now for seven weeks and let me tell you, it’s taking forever to train ronni. she went out and bought a whole lot of stupid cat toys – little foam balls, catnip mice, some silly balls with glitter stuff on them that tastes awful. dumb. dumb. dumb. anyone who likes a good chase around the house knows paper and cellophane and tinfoil are a lot more fun. plus, the rattling noise they make on the floor is really exciting. you should try it yourself.

i have my own doctor named mary xanthos and i’ve been to see her three times already. she gave me a shot and i didn’t even flinch. i’m tough. she also cleaned out some yukky earmites that made me itch, gave me medicine for a little cold i caught and some more medicine when one of my eyes got runny. i’m all better now and last time i was there, she said i weighed more than three pounds. heh, heh, heh. wait till dr. mary and ronni see how big i’m gonna get. savannah cats like me weigh 20 pounds or more when they grow up.

Ollieeating2004_12_06 i heard ronni tell someone on the telephone that when i’m bigger, she’s going to switch me to all dry food so she can leave me alone for up to two nights when she wants to go away. hah. that’s not ever gonna happen. i’ll go on a hunger strike when she tries and make her think i’m gonna die. i mean, would you wanna live only on crackers.

but even with all her mistakes, ronni is really cool. she plays with me every morning, every afternoon and every evening until i’m completely worn out and ready to snuggle up with her for a snooze. i love her very much and we’re gonna have a wonderful life together - once i finish training her.

your new blogging friend,

ps: there are some neat pictures of me here taken on the day after i moved in with ronni when i was really little. i think you can see i was kinda scared then, but i’m over that now.


Great post, Oliver! Keep on training Ronni, she has potential ;)

Oliver: What a fine, handsome, cool cat you are growing to be. Keep up the good work on training Ronni!
(Aside to Ronni: There is now software that detects that a cat is on the keyboard. It locks the computer at which point someone must input "human" in order to progress. It seems that cats on the keyboard are common. The software has "paws" in its name, but I don't recall. Probably read about it in WSJ.)

Oliver, you are one cool cat! I wish I had one just like you.

Oliver seems to be traiining you well. He has really grown!! Well no dry food for him, but you may have to put him on South Beach Diet.

Okay, Mr. Oliver, now that I see you are a versatile conversationalist, I expect big things from you, sir! Anyone tell you that you resemble Cary Grant?

Oliver you are wonderful! I love your first post and so look forward to hearing more on the progress of training Ronni!

You're the kind of cat that - as George Will said about cats in general - resembles a beautiful Greek vase in making us envision movement even when you're sitting still. You look like you're padding softly through some kind of jungle, the shadows of leaves dappling your gorgeous coat. You are a stunner!

What is your opinion of mice (no, not computer mice, but REAL mice...)?

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