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Wow. Look at me! Don't you think I'm handsome?

That cellophane I'm carrying is the good stuff I was telling you about last time. The crinkly sound makes it more fun that some silly, soft store-bought toy. Like I said before, if you've never chased cellophane around your house, you should try it some time - you'll like it.

I can jump really high now. Two days ago, I knocked everything off the top of the refrigerator. I didn't actually mean to do that - it just turned out that way when I landed up there. Ronni wasn't happy about it, but I sure was. It made a great crashing noise and I got watch all the stuff roll around on the floor from the top of the refrigerator. Then I jumped down to chase it around the house. I stashed a vitamin bottle under the bed that Ronni didn't find until two days later. Heh, heh, heh. It's fun to tease her.

Oliver2005_01_10_05bedxtrasm That reminds me - yesterday Ronni and I changed the bed. There's nothing like sheet surfing, skidding along under the sheet and popping up for a peekaboo and back down under, then up and out again. Whoo-ee. The sheet gets all wound up and snarled and that gets me all giddy and silly and feeling so good. Why don't humans like to do that, I wonder.

Hey, did you notice I can use the Shift Key now? I watched Ronni very carefully and it's not hard at all. I hope that makes it easier for you read my imortant updates.

On Thursday, I'll be a whole five months old and that's the day Ronni says I get to go see Dr. Mary for my surgery. I like Dr. Mary a lot. She's a nice lady and she takes good care of me, but I don't know what this word "surgery" means...

Olliebath2005_01_04sm Here's a picture of me taking a bath on the sofa. It's a cozy spot because even though you can't see it in this photo, I'm right next to the warm fire - perfect place for bath. Don't you think my belly spots are beautiful?

Your blogging friend,


Ollie, you gotta try sitting on top of Ronni's comuputer. A computer makes a nice, warm perch--and it will drive Ronni nuts!
Your Kansas Torbie friend,
P.S. My mom says that her friend Louie, an Ocicat, is jealous that your spots are prettier than his.

How kitty-kind of you to update us on your recent fun times. Ronni sounds like a great mom, and you should try to be really nice to her.

Oh, and the surgery? Don't even give it a second thought - you will get to eats lots of kitty ice cream *grin*

Dear Ollie
I'm glad your mom lets you use the computer sometimes - your sheet surfing story was great! Are you a Bengali? You sure look like one and I have to ask where you got that fur coat from - it's too fabulous! I'll bet the warm sofa near the fire is also a great place to do a bit of shedding - nice dark, contrasting colour sofa, a bit of enthusiastic grooming... look, mom! Lovely balls of kitty fur!!

Lots of love to your mom (and ask her what all that stuff was doing hiding on top of the fridge anyway ;-))

HI, Ollie!

I'll have to stand in for Ed (short for Edward Scissorhands). He's cat napping at the moment, surrounded by his catnip toys. I'm sure he'd say he was envious of your trip to the top of the refrigerator. Ours is boxed in so that he can't get to it. He does, however, find the top of my mother's entertainment center to be the puuuurrrrfect place to get a little attention.

I bet the bottle of vitamins was even more fun than the celophane. I'll have to share both with Ed, when he deigns to wake up.

You're a gorgeous puss. I love your spots!

Mabel and his clan say hello, and wanted me to say that they understand about not understanding what they as mice find fun not being the same thing as what we their human friends find fun. Why, just the other day, Clara (otherwise known as 'the little brown mouse') was caught once again busily rebuilding a nest in one of the Mouse City cages, not caring that half the bedding was flying out the cage bars onto the floor. She was having so much fun, I just laughed and picked it up. Well, what can you do. Mice as so cute...!

Aloha Ollie! Makoa and Kanani here from beautiful Hawaii. We just want you to know that you are very pretty and soooo akamai. (smart) you must drive your Mom Ronni just a little lolo (crazy), but that is what we are supposed to do. Keep up the good work!

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