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category_bug_oliver Next Sunday, I’ll be six months old and I still have a lot of growing to do, but you can see here how tall I am already.

Ollie Standing at the Computer

A cat's body, you know, is a finely tuned machine and I've been putting in a lot of time developing mine. My eye-paw coordination is excellent; I’m as good as any hockey player at getting a “puck” from one end of the house to the other without ever missing a slap. And I hardly ever misjudge a jump anymore when I want to explore top shelves or speak eye-to-eye with Ronni.

I’ve learned that the computer is a cat’s good friend. Besides writing these online notes about my life, I read email with Ronni and I read all your blogs. Jeanne at Cook Sister: thanks for asking about me in your Comment a few days ago. Kimberly at Music and Cats, I really like checking out the pictures of Lyra, Sasha and Sergei every Friday. Give them a lick behind the ear for me. And a special hello to Mike, Andy and Dorey at Ranablog.

Ollie Playing Computer Game There's a lot of other good reading around the World Wide Web too: information on anything a cat could want to know and newspapers from every country – even in Africa where some of my ancestors come from. When my brain gets tired from all that input, I’ve got a special website I go to where I can play Catch the Balloon. It clears the mind of all the bad news.

But as I try to tell Ronni, no matter how much interesting stuff there is to do online, it’s not good to spend too much time on the computer. You gotta stretch those muscles. See, there’s this twine that’s wrapped around bundles of wood Ronni gets for the fire. It’s full of earthy, nature smells which makes it a better toy than those plastic things from the store.

Ollie Jumping So I got Ronni to tie a few knots in them to give the twine some heft and then she throws them way up high so I can practice my jumps. You never know, even in an apartment in the big city, when you’ll need to get away from an enemy - fast.

And that’s it for this time. I think I’ll have a bath and take a nap.

Your blogging friend,


Dunno what you did, but the RSS feed is now fixed in my livejournal. Whew! I love the fact that you are now on my friends page. Which means I'll read you just about every time you update. Hot darn.


Your typing and computer skills have greatly improved. Links and everything. You are not just a pretty face!

Take Care

Oliver, you are one lean cat! It's good that Ronni lets you exercise! Don't browse too many sites or you'll get fat ;)

Oliver, you gave me my smile for the day. :)

Hi Oliver!

My, you are growing up to be handsome! Our neighbour's cat Troy who often comes to visit and sneak a nap under the warmest radiator, last night discovered the graphics on Windows Media Player. Woo hoo!! Colours that pulsate in time to sound! And the added excitement of the mouse pointer being moved around randomly by a tame human! It's almost too much pleasure for one cat. In fact, the 10 minutes of intense concentration in from of the computer screen tired him out so much that he napped for an hour!! Maybe the two of you can what on ICQ sometime?

Love to Ronni,

Ollie! Dude! We are so charged to be mentioned in your post. Looking good with those spots!

Incredible pics; incredible cat -- you is the big cat's meow, Oliver.

ho! get go!

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