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In his Boston Globe column on Tuesday, Donald. M. Murray wrote eloquently of his wife, Minnie Mae, who had refused food and medication, and was quietly drifting away.

She died yesterday at 85. You can read her obituary and an appreciation from another Boston Globe writer.

If you have been reading Donald Murray’s column each week, you have come to know Minnie Mae not like a friend perhaps, but as someone you wish you could have known. Mr. Murray’s chronicle of his daily visits with his wife during her final year or so in a nursing home and his recollections of their life together in earlier days are a most remarkable story of love and devotion at the end of life.

One hopes a publisher will see the value of collecting these columns in a book. It would be a joy to own and read.


These personal journals often make moving columns. In Britain Nigella Lawson's husband John Diamond wrote a "cancer journal" which was published posthumously in book form.

Brought tears to my eyes.

I have been reading Donald Murrays column for years and when I read his column last week I knew the end was near. I never met him or his wife but I felt I knew them both and when I read your post about his loss I felt as though I had lost a friend and feel the loss for Donald.

Good idea about making a book from his writings about their life together.


The obituary says, "He also shared pearls of Mrs. Murray's folksy wisdom. She said, for example, that a good relationship can be damaged by 20 minutes of honest talk"

I never liked that line.

I don't think that's wise.

Honest talk makes a good marriage work.

It also says, "Mrs. Murray always wanted to be in charge and jealously guarded her territory in the kitchen."

That just sounds old fashioned to me.

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