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Ronni, Alex, John, Yoko 1970

[1970] Yoko designed the environment for the opening night of an exhibit of John’s erotic lithographs, and upon entering, guests were required to remove their shoes. Taped to every inch of the gallery floor was bubble wrap that popped when you wiggled your toes.

It was a brilliant way to turn strangers into friends for an evening, and at one point I looked up from bubble popping into the face of giggling “Cabaret” star, Joel Gray, who was also popping bubbles with his toes.


davidgarchey @ 2003-09-10 said:
Wow !

airchild @ 2003-09-10 said:
Your pictures tell fascinating stories, Ronni. And WHAT history! I especially like this one. I look forward to viewing more of your photos.

natalie @ 2003-09-10 said:
....give peace a chance... RIP john ~ Rock on, Yoko.

zinetv @ 2003-09-11 said:
I`m beginning to feel really grizzled, in fact in my day they hadn`t even invented electricity. We had to watch television by candlelight.

bytefactory @ 2003-09-11 said:
wow Ronni!!! What an amazing moment that must have been.

arto @ 2003-09-13 said:
I must say that throughout several eras where there were many fashion victims (witness the poor fellow at upper right...who is that, Allen Klein?), your taste in clothes was excellent.

roomwithaview @ 2003-09-14 said:
EXCITING photo! This is a really tender picture of Yoko.


And who is the guy in the striped suit and incredible shirt (or is it a t'shirt), behind John Lennon?
Another photo in which you are gorgeous!

The guy who's cut out of the photo, Claude, is Pete Bennett (no relation), who was, in those days, employed by John and Yoko in some PR capacity I don't remember.

I agree with claude that you looked stunning in this picture.

I really enjoyed the bubble wrap segment. What a cool idea.

Take Care

Ronni -
I love your site and your insight.

I read some previous posts of yours regarding aging and what you may never experience again - which helps me understand a bit more why my mother (your age-range) is now living on a century old barge in a canal on the Loire in a village in France.

Anyway, keep up the writing and thinking and I'll keep reading.

So is your ex Alex Bennett? If so, I used to sit in on his radio show when he was on KMEL in S.F. when he'd have comedians on; my friends and I used to party until the wee hours of the morning and instead of going home we'd just head over to the radio station.


Hi Ronni!
This is a wonderful sight. I like your post about aging (made me less apprehensive) and I think this picture of you with John and Yoko is fantastic!
You're great!

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