Social Security - Part 12: The Risk
From Mom

Ronni and Alex


Alex and Ronni 1970

[October 1970] After six years, my marriage was in shreds. It had been a long time since Alex and I had talked about or done anything together unrelated to the radio show. Our life was the show, only the show and Alex’s celebrity, and I could no longer find me in the single-mindedness of our relationship. To save my soul, I walked out a year after these photos were taken with $500 in my pocket and two suitcases of clothes. I had left my job, my husband and my home, and I had no idea where I would live or what I would do when the money ran out.


ribena @ 2003-09-11 said:
powerfully told

zinetv @ 2003-09-11 said:
From looking at the thumbnail, the substance of the caption is evident; powerful choice and juxtaposition of images. The previous radio-daze photos really illustrates the heady frictionless moments that happen at least once lifetime. And you know it came to end when you see these two pictures. So like really real life soap. I eager look forward to the next pictures.


Yes, the two separate photos say it all. Ronni and Alex went separate ways. I can hardly wait for the next installment.

Ronni -

Being the voyeur that I am, I've enjoyed perusing your wonderful photos - and, it's funny, I had the idea you two were together longer. But I think I know why I got that Idea - the styles changed so much from the mid-sixties to early just appeared that way, visually.

Anyway, I hope you let us know what you did with the $500 and two suitcases.

I've, impulsively, made similar moves in my life - and have never regretted them. I have the feeling you didn't either.

Oh my, you sure had a lot of guts walking out like that. How old were you at the time?

You sure are to be congratulated for the gumption you had.


I was 31, Millie, though we'd known one another since I was 17. I don't think it was gumption as much as dumb, though it was the right thing to do to leave.

For a long time, Alex and I didn't speak or see one another, but we've been in touch now for years, have lunch or dinner now and again and he lives just a few blocks from me.

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