Social Security – Part 11: In America’s Best Interests?
Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Ronni

Ronni and Alex at the Office


Ronni and Alex in the Office

[1970] The hours were long, but it never felt like work and the perks weren’t bad: backstage at Woodstock and at the Fillmore, private movie screenings and music company parties filled many nights of the week. More seriously, we provided a regularly-scheduled, public forum for the anti-war movement. Maybe we changed a few minds about Vietnam. Hard to know, though I suspect we were preaching to the choir.


av_producer @ 2003-09-09 said:
I am also noticing a fashion progression here just in the four pictures you are in. I think the fat watch band that Alex has on is just or was just back in style.

ronni @ 2003-09-09 said:
If you wait long enough, av, sooner or later, everything comes back into style.

Mary Schepisi @ 2003-09-09 said:
1970. It is fun for me to remember where and what I was doing then. As av producer said the clothes,hair and accessories bring instant memories. Thanks.

davidfmendes @ 2003-09-09 said:
You really look like you had a good time at work. Thanks for your visit to my flogs and blog and for your nice comment. Yes, I think I’ll be back to my photos and memoirs project some time. Fotolog reminds me of it all the time.


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