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Ronni at Her Job



[1972] My new job with The Dick Cavett Show at ABC-TV paid about 15 percent of the total income I had been accustomed to with Alex, and when publicists I knew telephoned - the same ones who a few months earlier had wooed me with expensive meals and private movie screenings - I had to tell them I was not authorized to make booking decisions, that I was a production assistant and I would take a message for the producers.

I recommend this exercise to anyone who ever might think he or she is hot stuff. It builds character.


tatefox @ 2003-09-13 said:
Ronni, This is a beautiful recollection. Thanks for the delight.

yolima @ 2003-09-13 18:06 said:
This shot reminds me of my time at the Associated Press in New York, about 10 years later. Same chairs, file cabinets and typewriters. You were a brave girl!

ronni @ 2003-09-14 said:
I was wondering if anyone would notice that typewriter, Yolima. And we thought they were oh so modern and high-tech then.


Sheesh! That machine is too old to even be a Selectric, isn't it? Ronni, you are absolutely right about the exercise in re-gaining humility. (I went through similar, if not quite as drastic changes, in a couple of my moves, so I can relate.) Obviously, the move panned out for you!

Boy oh boy. Try directing a child care center when all your colleagues have academic positions! I was washing floors, changing diapers and cleaning out garbage bins while my peers (with the same PhD) were waxing lyric in some University classroom or other. Humility is a wonderful thing.

I believe all Presidents, Queens and Kings should clean their own toilets and wash their own floors. I loved Ben Gurion for the fact that he continued to live on a Kibbutz when, as Prime Minister, he ran the newly born State of Israel. He continued his duties in the communal kitchen even as he wined and dined with the highest dignitaries in the world.

As my father who was a feminist ahead of his times, would have said: a woman has to be independent. And even though it must have been hard at times, at least you were free.

What's that round thing with holes located on the telephone? Is that what they mean by dialup?

I didn't notice any of the background stuff. I get that way around pretty women.

Take Care

I do so hate those necessary "ego deflations at depth . . . ;)

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