Ronni and Alex at the Office
For the Last Time?

Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Ronni


Yoko, John and Ronni

[1970] When John and Yoko appeared on the radio show, John was embroiled in a lawsuit with Paul McCartney. While we were live on the air, a process server caught up with John and handed him a subpoena. John excused himself to puke in the men’s room, then returned to finish the show.


av_producer @ 2003-09-09 said:
Wow!! Great shot. Great story. Wow!

roomwithaview @ 2003-09-09 said:
Wow! glad you posted a message on my page - I didn`t know you were here and I am interested. Will puruse this flog and the past and my memories at length. Thanks for bringing John Lennon to my morning. I`m curious about your past now. Ill be back. thanks

athomic @ 2003-09-10 said:
Amazing story. Thanks for sharing these photos and stories!

roomwithaview @ 2003-09-10 02:56 said:
Wonderful record here, Ronni. I admire your encapsulation of the history going on around you which you combine with the pictures. You really got the 50s through 70s as I remember it. Bet you had a poodle skirt too back in the late 50s. Mine was turqiouse.

ronni @ 2003-09-10 said:
Busted, roomwithaview. And mine was turquoise too.

yolima @ 2003-09-13 17:57 said:
What a story!

smith @ 2004-04-24 08:47 said:
Great story and memory. Love the picture.

tomswift46 @ 2004-04-24 10:00 said:
Wow! Fantastic! Great story and great foto!
I’ll come back here but we’re going to the beach.


Great story, Ronni, you lucky girl!

Now, that's got to be the most amazing pic published on a blog today. History in the making I think.

The more I read and see on your blog, the more impressed I am!.

What an interesting life you have had!


You rock star, you! That is too too cool.

What a great photo! I'm a little late to write 'how cool is that?'... nina has already answered the question.

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