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Daylo a Boon For Older Folks

Recently, 79-year-old Millie at My Mom’s Blog left this comment on a post about New Skills For Aging Bodies regarding the difficulty of packing for her return to Boston after wintering in Florida:

“I am sitting here at the computer taking a break from packing. It gets harder every year. I do a little bit at a time and then I have to rest.

“Your post hit the nail on the head, we just have to adjust and figure out a way to deal with all this stuff.”

Now there is a whole new way for us older folks to deal with “all this stuff” – the chores, errands and other needs that sometimes become too hard to undertake as we age.

Daylo It’s called Daylo and let me disclose up front that although this is a blatant plug for a new, online service created and developed by three young friends I met in 1997 when we worked together at cbsnews.com, you wouldn’t be hearing about it from me unless I thought it was an ingeniously useful tool for older folks. And it's just as good for young ones too.

Here’s how it works: You need some assistance, like Millie, packing for a trip. Or you need a lamp switch fixed or some IKEA furniture assembled. Maybe your computer is acting up and you haven’t a clue what’s wrong. If your knee has you laid up for a few days, you could use a dog walker, someone to do the grocery shopping, yardwork or even cooking. This is about hard-to-find help that isn’t listed in the Yellow Pages.

Whatever service you need – large or small – you can click on over to Daylo, type in your Zip code to see who’s listed there who could help out. If no one’s Profile has what you’re looking for, you can create a “Request” listing for your need.

When you find a match, you negotiate privately for the service and price right on the Daylo website creating a “Handshake” – a verbal agreement between you and the seller/provider. The web service is free for the time-being, without even a finder’s fee to Daylo, and there are plenty of privacy and reputation management tools for your protection.

Of course, it works in reverse too. If you have a service to offer, you can create a Profile and make some extra change.

Daylo is a hub, a neighbor-to-neighbor exchange of skills and talent that may be right down the block from you. But until Daylo, you had no way of knowing.

Daylo came about when my friends, Laura Holder, Chris Larsen and Aaron Wertheim, were chatting about all the time they spend fixing computers for friends and relatives. That led to their realization that there must be thousands of small services which are impossible to find - and Daylo was born.

The three talented partners – Laura is the web designer, Chris the programmer and Aaron handles the business end – have been building Daylo for more than a year. It launched just a couple of months ago and will go global before too long. It is poised to take off big time.

So check out Daylo, and if you don’t have a service to offer or need anything right now, you will one day. Bookmark Daylo, please, and tell your friends. When it's as big as eBay, you'll be able to say you were there at its birth.


Marvelous idea! There is nothing registered within 15 miles of my zip code, but how long can it be before there is? Thanks, Ronni!

Fantastic! It reminds me of the Rent-a-Back service in Ann Tyler's Patchwork Planet, only streamlined for the Information Age.

On my way to work now, but I'm going to check this out further when I get home.

All righty! Kman may shoot me and tell God I died, but I created a profile for him - The Texas Remington. ONWARD!

Reminds me of LETS system designed by Canadian Michael Litton in the 1980's. If you're interested, here is an article written by David Burman in 1994 for Peace Magazine.


Blessings to you Ronni for sharing, each day, your superb perspective on life.

BTW, I really like the name Daylo ~ very catchy.

Gemma got in before me about the LETS system. I joined LETS here in Australia when I was on maternity leave living on a very small income. I thought it would be a way of trading jobs with people. It turned out that I was able to do more stuff than I could get back and in the end it was more trouble than it was worth so I gave it away.
I think this type of system will work better as it's electronic and therefore more easily searchable than looking through a paper resource guide.
Good luck to em.

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