Social Security - Part 18: Presidential Pig-Headedness
Paul and Aunt Edith

Ronni and Barbara Walters in Austin


Ronni and Barbara Walters in Austin

[1984] We were hanging around in the hot, humid sun in the Texas Hill Country waiting for Willie Nelson to finish playing pool with Waylon Jennings so we could begin the interview with Willie. Look at the those dresses and handbags. Do you suppose this is the same idea as people who come to look like their dogs? That if you work together long enough…


zinetv @ 2003-10-09 said:
Ticked off, big time, that’s how you two look. If you could wish something not nice to happen to Willie, like having problems with the IRS, you would.

arto @ 2003-10-09 said:
You look like a couple of southern belles...

lauratitian @ 2003-10-09 said:
You look much cooler that Barbara, I gotta say. Those shades, baby, love the shades!

ribena @ 2003-10-10 said:
You remind me of Holly Hunter in Broadcast News in this photo - uncannily.


Ah, Willie and Waylon would be well worth the wait in my book!

What a great picture!

[I have a bag like yours in the picture today, here and now - mine is from Kenya! - have always known I'm outdated]

You are one fair lady and you don't look as bored or disgruntled as Ms. Walters. Do the sunglasses cover that up?

If you were down around the part of the Hill Country from whence Wille hails, "humid" doesn't do justice to the way the summer air gets so heavy you can wring water out of it. You Yankees are just too nice. We Texas women know how to menace men with pool cues even if they have risen above their raising and gotten "famous." ;-)

Rana is right about the humidity there. Just standing around is like breathing water and I'm sure I was just as disgruntled, behind those shades, as Barbara looks.

I lived in Houston for three years a long time ago, and Rana is also right about Texas women knowing all sorts of things about how to handle men that we Yankee girls never learn.

All those bags are from Kenya, Tamar. I've worn out about half a dozen of them over the decades. For a long time, you could always find them in the summer street fairs in New York City, but I haven't seen them now for two or three years - and I need a new one.

Great picture! You look fresh as a daisy. I used to have a bag like that too! Can you believe it?

I remember wearing similar sunglasses; whatever made us think they looked good?

Willie was worth waiting for, I'll bet. Waylon, I'm not too fond of, though.

Oh dear, come to think of it, my sunglasses are STILL as big! I have to do some serious thinking re: my fashion statement.

Is there a T J Maxx or Marshalls near you? I was just in there yesterday and they have bags that are similar to what you and Barbara were carrying.

That style is IN today! You were ahead of the times!


I was thinking,"Wow! Waiting with Barbara Walters to interview Willie Nelson!" Then I considered that was your milieu at the time, and you were waiting outside in the heat and humidity for a couple of guys to finish a damn game of pool...
Barbara sure didn't look happy.

Millie, that is so true! those bags are "In" right now.
Ronnie, I feel for both of you, having to wait around in that heat. No wonder Barbara doesn't look happy.
I wouldn't mind reading more about the interview with Willie, from Ronnie's perspective. If he kept you waiting while he was playing pool, how did he handle the interview? or did I miss the post?

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