On Respect For Elders
David, Ronni and Lanny

Ronni and Paul


Ronni and Paul, January 1984

[January 1984] My brother was approaching 40 when he married another writer in Portland. It was over within about three years and so far, he has not remarried. It appears that neither of us is very good at this relationship stuff – that is, if you believe marriage is the goal.


setya @ 2003-10-07 said:
Marriage appears to be the "ultimate" for so many, but works for so few

zinetv @ 2003-10-07 said:
It seems like you are contemplating “relationship stuff” at the moment when this picture was taken. This picture and commentary seems to lead to the big questions like: "What’s it all about anyway?" Luckily my phone is about to ring and I have to go before answering that question.

arto @ 2003-10-08 said:
The maroon tie with the three piece gray suit suits him very well.

tatefox @ 2003-10-08 said:
Immersing yourself in the lives of others is what makes you complete, not marriage. A steady sip from the cup means you will never be thirsty.


You were really deep in thought when this photo was snapped. Nice suit. (Paul's looks good, too!)

Isn't it interesting how people "stand" in photographs. Paul has his hands in his pockets and Ronni is holding onto him.

Weddings ... hmm ... I've had a few! Relationships are SUCH a struggle! The hardest thing about marriage is the loss of self, I believe.

You are both very good-looking. I noticed the same thing as Tamar about postures!
I think what is really difficult about marriage is if you try to renounce what you are and do what your mate wants. If a marriage is to last, you have to be selfish enough so that you don't get lost.
Now, of course, I don't know what I am talking about, since my marriage was interrupted by my husband dying. The good side to that, is I have the feeling it was a very successful marriage ;) But who knows.

Who is "good" at relationship ? at least between lovers, married ?

I am very good in friendship :they never betried me. And at least, that last, lasted until death.

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