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[1983 and 2003] In this townhouse is the first and only apartment I looked at when it was time to buy in 1983. It was built in 1820 as a single-family home, and I like imagining the lives that have gone before me here. It is warm and cozy inside, overflowing with books and music, good times and charm to spare. It is home - my sanctuary, my own little piece of Manhattan Island that would break my heart to leave.


av_producer @ 2003-10-03 said:
If you put a picture from 1820 in this flog, I am sure that there would be little difference which is what makes that area so special and timeless. In a borough where store fronts change so quickly at the end of lease it is reassuring to someone who has grown up in Manhattan that some things can remain as they were. Thanks for that reminder.

oldfinland @ 2003-10-03 said:
20 years hasn’t brought much change really, only the trees have grown... looks like a lovely place to live in.

Kelly @ 2003-10-03 said:
I have lived in my house for 20 years too, and it would be very hard to leave. Home is a powerful place...friends and lovers come and go, kids grow up and move away, but home is always home.

zinetv @ 2003-10-03 said:
Long time ago I lived on Morton Street. I have always loved the Village with the memories of all who dwelled there still reverberating through the streets.


Have you 1983 and 2003 photos of your back yard, Ronni? We're seeing only 1/2 of your interesting story here. Thank you!

That was sweet.

(picking up a little piece of Ronni)

Take Care

Ronni, it's a charming place. I can see why you wouldn't want to move!

Another great photo. We've had some good laughs in this place, yes?

Cop Car: There will be some backyard photos later in the timeline.

Ricardo: And many more good laughs to come...

These pictures remind me of the cover of my book. Open and inviting but private at the same time.

Makes me pretty curious to see more inside ...

I love the ivy - for some reason, I get a mental picture of Ally McBeal and Love Story...I know - strange.

Maybe you could do some Sherlocking and find out more history about the house when it was young?

What a charming house. The best place you could ever imagine. Still and all, if you decided to live for whatever reason, it would be fine.

I especially liked how you described the inside of home.

Good! I'm glad that you'll be "covering" the back yard. I'm looking forward to the rest of the house story.

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