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Backyard Excitement


Watchingtree Big doings at my house last week. Some men arrived with a chain saw and spent the morning taking down a big tree in the back yard. I liked watching them climb way up to the top (I could do that easy if Ronni would let me go outside) and cut off one branch at a time until it was all gone, down to the ground.

Ronni says this is the first time she’s had light in the apartment without the lamps on, even when the sun is shining, in more than ten years. She’s very happy about that.

Standingkitchen I seem to be looking up a lot in these photos. There’s some interesting stuff on top of the cabinets in the kitchen that I’d like to investigate, but every time I try, Ronni says no. Sometimes she’s not any fun at all. She could at least let me check it out once, don’t you think?

Cisco_winie I want to show you a picture of two friends. Well, I’ve never met them in person, but I feel like I know them because Ronni’s friend, Heather, talks about them when she visits us. The big one is Cisco – she’s a Bengal cat. And the little one, Winie - you can tell she's a Siamese - is from the same cat breeder in Philadelphia where I came from. She was born just about the time I left there to come to Big Apple.

Ronni reads a lot and I’m getting a good education watching over her shoulder. President Bush just won’t quit gnawing on that Social Security bone, will he? Even when the meat's all gone. You’d think he’d get the picture by now – no one wants his private accounts.

Which reminds me, how is it that you humans elected that guy? Cats would never make a mistake like that. As soon as there’s online voting, I’m going to register. I’ve got a perfectly good, human name – Oliver Bennett. And it’s like that old New Yorker cartoon, “Nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet,” so who would know I’m a cat when you can vote by pushing a mouse (oh yeah! – mouse) button.

Kitchencellophane But it’s not all politics with me. There are a lot of other things to keep me busy and cellophane is still my favorite toy. It's that crinkly noise I can't get enough of.

Oh, I almost forgot. Thank you for all your suggestions about my biting problem. Ronni and I both read them carefully and we've worked it out now. Or maybe I just outgrew it.

Your blogging cat friend,


Hey Ollie - so good to hear from you. We have news too. Tamar has finally decided that we can go out into the little yard. It has been close to four months that we've been stuck in this new place she dragged us to!

We love it. We smell the flowers, Molly eats tons of grass and we even chase birds from time to time. Whenever we look over at Tamar to make sure she hasn't run away, she is either sitting at that computer thing of hers (we haven't as yet learned how to work that mouse) or reading books too.

Take it easy, fellow - you can always climb on those cupboards when Ronni's asleep - don't you know that expression: "When the humans are away the cats can play?" Look it up in one of those books!

Lots of love, Molly and Ada

Hola, Ollie. Jolly good to see some new photos of you! Gorgeous spots, by the way...

What a fine young man you've grown into! I think Ronni may need to post a BEWARE - BIG CAT ON PREMISES sign on her front door...just in case.

Hi Ollie,

You have heard the expression, "You're a lucky dog" - Well I think you're a lucky cat, you are getting an education and apparently are very well feed! My, how you have grown.
My advise to you is, "stay away from that mouse", Ronni needs it.


Ollie, you are so gorgeous and I envy your beautiful spots. My sister and I have solid black hair, except I have a tiny spot of white on my chest. We don't get to climb trees or cabinets either, although we try all the time. Maybe my Mom will post a photo of us someday and you can see how sleek and pretty we are.

Storm and Eclipse

If I may ask a personal question... do you know a cat named Mehitabel? She and her friend Archy are writers too.

Ollie, cool cat, keep on blogging. Looking forward to your next update.

Ollie, have you seen this cartoon, posted recently by Jude (with dubious motives, I'm afraid)? :

Sorry, end of address disappeared. That's:

what is it with this weblink? Add: 04/miaou_1.html

Jean, the link worked the first time for some reason. hinterland has said in the past that she is less than thrilled about cat blogging, but that's okay. I like her anyway.

And la peregrina, see this post:

Before I grew big enough to use the shift key and some other things on the keyboard, I posted as archy did, with apologies to him and mehitabel, of course.

Ollie, on that second picture, you sure look like one of the Egyptian cats I recently saw at the British Museum. You are one tall cat!

I am sorry I missed that post. I will try not to ask silly questions in the future, wotthehell, wotthehell.

Oh my, Ollie! What a big, gorgeous, spotted - did I mention big? - fellow you've become! If you bumped up against me, even in fun, you'd surely knock me over. I'll tell you a secret: you can go anywhere you want when Ronni's sleeping. If you don't knock things off of high places, she'll never know. You'll have to be careful though; I'm very small, and weigh only 7 1/2 pounds, but I still knock things off of counters and bookshelves.

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