The Can’t-Waits
Ronni Age 46

Elsbeth at Thanksgiving



[November 1987] I’ve always been impressed with how every immigrant to the U.S. I’ve known – people like my friend Elsbeth, who are unlikely to have portrayed Pilgrims in grammar school pageants - embraces our most American of holidays.


boogers @ 2003-10-28 said:
She must really like turkey. The turkey almost looks happy too.

av_producer @ 2003-10-28 said:
In an odd way as an immigrant she is a pilgrim of sorts. I am a born and raised American although I have never hugged a turkey quite like that. Nice memory.

einstein @ 2003-10-28 said:
This is disturbing : - )

sckelly @ 2003-10-28 said:
She needs to wash her, boil it.

williambernthal @ 2003-10-28 said:
Embracing the holiday doesn’t REQUIRE embracing the turkey, I hope she knows.

zinetv @ 2003-10-29 said:
Great, its hug a turkey before you cook ‘em day.

hillspan @ 2003-10-29 said:
She looks like she is dancing with it. By the way, Canada has Thanksgiving, too.

roomwithaview @ 2003-10-30 said:
I have hugged a few turkeys in my days - and some of them were human!


Well, it is a holiday based around eating well, how can they resist?

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