Fear of Aging
Happy (?) Fourth of July




I don’t care what you might say about my ancestors coming from the seering savannahs of Africa, it’s been too damned hot for too long around here. Ronni doesn’t like air conditioning and she hardly ever turns it on. I know it’s my job to keep the birds from breaking through the screen door to attack Ronni, but too bad, she's on her own. The best I can do in this heat is lie here and hope.

It was hot last week, too, when Ronni unceremoniously dropped me off at David Baird’s place and then left for six whole days. I was so mad, I sat on David’s cowboy boots in the back of his closet for the first two days and wouldn’t come out.

After the second night, David grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me out. I was really hungry by then, so I had some crunchies in the kitchen and then I found some of my favorite toys from home scattered around the living room and it felt good to stretch my muscles in a good romp chasing a few mousies and some cellophane.


Then the heat got to me, so I settled down on David’s excellent, black sofa that nicely shows off my spots. If I’d realized how good I look there the first day, I wouldn’t have hidden in the closet for so long.

Something big is going on around here and I don’t like it. For two weeks before my trip to David’s house, there was this guy, Jimmy Flynn, who scattered all kinds of tools and equipment around the house. I had to guess where my litter box might be every day because Ronni kept moving it to different places while Jimmy pounded and banged and painted and stuff. Geez – it was so noisy around here, I couldn’t have a decent afternoon nap.

And now that she’s home, Ronni has stuffed me in my carrier (Note to Ronni: I need a new carrier – I’ve almost outgrown this one) three times and taken me out for a couple of hours to someone else’s house. She says it’s because people are looking at our home to see if they want to buy it, but don’t you think the house would be a lot more attractive if there were a cat as beautiful as I am showing them all the good places there are to stash their toys?


I'm not very clear yet what all this "selling the house" means for me, but the way life is going around here lately, it probably won't be to my liking. The only positive thing I can say about it all is that both Jimmy and David are good guys. They know how to appreciate a cat like me and snoozing on David’s sofa is almost as comfy as the pillows on Ronni’s bed.

But basically, I’m one pissed off cat. Strangers poking their noses in all my nooks and crannies, too much noise, too much heat. And worse, Ronni says she’s going away again at the end of July.

When will it all end…


I could tell you stories, Oliver. Humans and animals have moved in and out of here, completely disrupting my lifestyle, in the last couple of years, after years of peace and quiet. Just when I get them settled into some kind of routine, they change things around again. And they don't seem to understand the value of leaving the litterbox where it belongs. Humans just don't get the need to leave things alone.

At least the bulldog that showed up with all the strangers a while back seems to have moved out of my immediate territory and the dog that they moved in here after that doesn't bother me. Most change is bad, but getting rid of a bulldog who wants to play is always good. The cat that moved in, Simone, a female who's a little too...you know..touchy feely...seems to be a permanent fixture, but she kind of grows on you. If I chase around the house with her in the morning, she'll leave me in peace the rest of the day. Compromise isn't really in a cat's nature, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

It sounds like you're going through a difficult time. I hope you're getting fed on a regular basis. That's the main thing.


I feel for you but for me reading your thoughts through this rough time is a lot better then reading the morning newspaper!

What a gem!


The life of a cat can be pretty difficult! We humans don't always understand that, not to mention how confusing we can be. As long as your family isn't "sending you to a nice big farm where you can play" then everything is ok when you move. Good luck!


I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Cats worldwide are having these problems with their people. When will people understand that cats need their space and their things left alone??? People are so hard to train.

I have only met you the one time, but I do think you are going to love your move. You will have more space and possibly a cooler climate. You may even have a yard so you can play "Jungle Cat"!! That will be wonderful!! Imagine Ronnie doing some gardening as you low crawl through the grass. You flick your tail feeling the cool earth on your belly while focusing on her backside as she kneels on the grass, and just when she picks up her spade, you pounce!! She will never know what hit her because once she is over the initial shock, you will be gone, hiding, lying in wait for your next attack. She will laugh and you will pur because she is so cute. Ya know, you have to keep the humans entertained. Plus, if you are outside, you will have a bigger responsibility in keeping those birds away from Ronnie. What a treat that will be -- BIRDS BEWARE!!!

Of course, you love Ronnie and she loves you, so the two of you will have a grand time where ever you are. Good luck and enjoy the adventure!!

Ollie, dude, Dorey here, you know one of Rana's keepers? When Rana moved in here three years ago to take care of Blonde Lady and brought me and the late Mr. Riffraff with her we liked the house just fine. We didn't know about that psychotic brown cat Mia. I promise, there are no psychotic roomies in Ronni's plans.

Dude, here's the skinny. It's gonna be real annoying for you for awhile but Rana has told us aobut some of the stuff Ronni is writing and it's gonna to be *sweet* when it all settles down.

At least no one has put you on a diet the way they have me.

He's a gorgeous cat, Ronni, and I love that you wrote from his perspective.

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie. Chin up, adventure's afoot, and it's gonna be fun!

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