Elsbeth at Thanksgiving
First Day in Portland, Maine

Ronni Age 46



[November 1987] On the weekend my former next-door neighbor, Elsbeth, held Thanksgiving at her new home in Virginia, there were guests from five U.S. states and two other countries. Elsbeth and I made a pact to exchange personal tours of our childhood homes – Oregon and the Swiss Alps. So far we’ve only done Oregon.


hamlet @ 2003-10-29 said:
Beautiful photo :-)

jkh_22 @ 2003-10-29 10:19 said:
You can swing by and see me in Lyon when you take that long overdue trip to the alps - with or without Elsbeth.

zinetv @ 2003-10-29 said:
By all means take the trip to Alps.

roomwithaview @ 2003-10-30 said:
I love this photo of you, Ronni. Great and unguarded. Your log is so masterful and sure. Thanks loads for your comment on my beautiful parents. I agree. And it’s very nice to have this pair of photos to remind me that they were lovely then, at the leading edge of their dreams.

colorstalker @ 2003-11-01 said:
What a direct & fearless gaze.


Ronni, it's been eighteen years? If you haven't been to the Alps yet, then I'd say you'd better get on that!

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