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Happy Birthday, Oliver


Olieonback How’s the weather where you live? It’s so awful here there’s nothing worth doing but to stretch out on the sofa and pant. The weather guy said that in the past 30 days, 23 of them had temperatures higher than 90F and really high humidity too. It’s days like these when I wish I had a zipper on my fur coat.

Ollieincarrier Moving from my snoozing place is my last thought in this weather. I don’t even want to chase tinfoil balls or play strings-on-a-stick. But Ronni has been dragging me out of the house for a couple of hours just about every other day. I ask you, is that fair to a cat in this heat? She puts me this stupid carrier and drags me off to someone else’s house, and I don’t like it there. All this back and forth is something about showing our place to prospective buyers and the real estate lady doesn’t want Ronni or me around when they do it. Hiss on that!

But hey, guess what? Yesterday was my first birthday. Now birthdays are supposed to be big-deal special events, but there it was again in the middle of the day - she stuck me in that damned carrier, then we took a taxi ride and I had to hang out at her friend’s house again for three whole hours. He seems like a nice enough guy, but it’s not home – ya know what I mean?

Ronni made up for later though. When we got back home, she sang me a song and we had real chicken for dinner. And then later, she brought out my favorite treat – ice cream. So it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

About a month ago, I found a new, secret sleeping place. It’s a shelf in the back closet where it’s quiet and cool and dark. And best of all, Ronni didn’t know anything about it. Sometimes she’d call my name and call my name, but I just smiled to myself and curled up for another dream.

Ollieincloset And now look at this: she walked in without so much as a by your leave, snapped on the light and then – and then, she started clicking off pictures with her camera. I hate that camera. She’s always sticking it in my face and wants me to hold still. She caught me by surprise and I wasn’t awake enough yet to run off, but I sure wasn’t going to smile for her.

Ollieyawn But my most favorite snoozing place – except for my own fluffy pillows on our bed – is Ronni’s desk. I swear she spends more time at her computer than she does sleeping, so this is good way to be with her and every once in awhile she scratches the top of my head or mootchies my ears and that makes me feel good. I’m glad Ronni has a huge, wide desk. I’ve grown a lot since I came to live here last October. You can tell when you compare my size to these first pictures.

Ronni says we’ll be moving soon – to Maine. I looked it up on the computer and it’s a long way away – at least for a cat. I suppose she’ll put me in carrier when we go there, but she promised me I won’t have to leave the new house as often after we get settled there. That will be a great relief to me.

Your blogging friend,


Hi Ollie
I really know what you mean about working at the computer for hours. Tamar does that too so I lie around sometimes with my tail right on top of the keyboard. My sister, Molly, spends a lot of time outside under the Hostas. It's hot, hot, hot here too.

I'm sorry to hear about all this in and out the house stuff. We moved too, and I can tell you, it wasn't easy! But now Molly and I are quite happy really ... good luck Ollie.

Oh, and, Happy Birthday!

Did I hear that right, Oliver, 'our' bed? Hasn't Ronni heard the frightening story of what happened to my Aussie mate, El, as a result of sharing the bed with her Jessie? How does the phrase 'subclavian vein thrombosis' grab you? According to El: "I believe, as I stated to the medicos at the time, that I developed the clot from sleeping with a cat (Jessie, 7 kg) in my armpit and across my left shoulder, cutting off the blood flow and causing stasis for several hours." (Post of July 16 on Scary stuff, eh?

Please don't worry, Jude. Ronni has her side of the bed and I have mine. Maybe some cats like to snuggle, but not me. I like having my own space.

Huh - at least you get to *live* with your slave, Oliver - mine isn't allowed (something to do with "landlords and leases, I believe) to have me live with her, so I don't get to see her very often... I know she misses me, though - which is as it should be. As slaves go, she suffices. Cheers from across the pond!

Happy Birthday, Ollie!

My master, a solid gray named Jack, passed away at an early age. I still miss him a lot. I saved him from certain death at the pound and he saved me from complete insanity during a messy divorce. Except for the color of the fur coat, you remind me a lot of Jack, definitely a "Cat with a 'Tude"

What a sleek and handsome guy you have become, Ollie! Seems like yesterday you were this awkward, clumsy little boy.

Happy Birthday, Sir Oliver!

Happy Birthday, Ollie. We hate leaving home too, as it usually means going to the vet or the kennel. That makes me barf and my sister loses control of her hind parts, if you know what I mean. Makes for messy trips!

Storm and Eclipse

Ol, I think the biggest "con" you will face in Maine is that it is a lot colder than where I am in Austin, Texas. It is nice an hot! You would have fun hiding with me under the bushes, rolling around in the dry dirt, and napping on the cold cement porch. Of course, I don't get as much time as I'd like in front of a roaring fireplace--and you will!

Ronni...I need to get caught up in your journal (just found out about it last week or so), but am wondering where in Maine you're moving to. My daughter lives there and I hope to be there in the next couple of years myself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a message last week!

Happy birthday Oliver! (I had a cat named Oliver once, and he was a brown tiger too.) You are adorable, smoochable, and all grown up now. My favorite pics in this post are the one of you in the carrier (though you hate it) and the one of your HUGE yawning mouth as you stretch across your desk. :)

Thank you all for your birthday greetings. It's so nice to read to your notes.

Willow - I hope you and Koan will be reunited soon.

Winston, maybe you should visit the pound again. Hummmmm...

Storm and Eclipse - I know what you mean about those vet trips. But for me, they don't happen nearly as often as these terrible short trips for no good reason I can see.

Tiki - those bushes sound great, but I do like sitting by the fire in winter.

And Kathryn, I'm glad you like my pictures though I'll be a happy cat if no one ever again sees me in that carrier.

Thanks again, everyone. You made my birthday purr-fect.

Happy belated birthday Oliver. I am sorry I missed your post about your special day yesterday but I was busy with the midgets who come to my house frequently.


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