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Growing Old Gracefully

Millie’s Big Eight-Oh


This is it! A really big deal: The 80th birthday of our very own Millie Garfield - blogger extraordinaire, pioneer vlogger and a woman who proves with every post that old age is a terrific time of life.

So get yourselves on over to her blog – My Mom’s Blog – and help give her a giant blogosphere birthday.

Have a great celebration today, Millie, and thousands of more blogging days to come...


Those are so pretty!

Thanks, Ronni, for thinking up a great party for Millie!

Nice batch of flowers. And nice work on you, Ronni: Millie's getting plenty of love.

Yes, Millie has already had a birthday missive from yours truly. May we all live long and prosper like Millie.

What a fantastic blogosphere birthday party! Thanks so much for organizing this for Millie. It has been fascinating to click on so many different sites and find greetings, flowers, candles, cakes from so many people all over the world.

A true celebration and so well deserved.

Ronni - thanks to you for "hosting" Millie's virtual birthday party. What a great idea!

Ronnie--You did a fabulous job of putting Millie's birthday part together. You illustrate the generosity of bloggers--raised to the nth degree. Thank you, so much, for organizing the grande fete.

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