Social Security – Part 22: 70 Great Years
Mom and Ronni

Mom 1916



In January 1992, Mom was diagnosed with liver cancer. Her doctor explained her options with great care and kindness, but the bottom line was that she had maybe three or four months to live. Mom sat in silence for a long time when Dr. Hunt finished speaking, then she looked him in the eye: "Are you telling me, she said, that I shouldn’t buy any green bananas?"

And they both laughed. I had no idea until the doctor told me this story that my mother was both that sensitive and that funny.


zinetv @ 2003-11-15 said:
With this combination of picture and caption, you have captured the human cycle. From alpha to omega, from beginning to end it’s all about living the space in between. Your log and this page are really all about the human cycle and how we live it.

Unless the cycle ends suddenly, this page serves as a reminder that we all face this news at some future time. I hope we all face it with your mother’s attitude.

colorstalker @ 2003-11-16 said:
You really do have a gift for the telling anecdote. I know there’s a lifetime of training behind this as well, but in your log the stories don’t feel professional - more as though they spring from your need to tell them. Many are very moving. Thank you.


What a beautiful picture Ronni! I'm looking forward to the next installment of this series on ThirdAge. Thanks.

Hi Ronni,

My afternoon activity got cancelled and it's raining so I spent it - visiting your blogroll! What fun! Thanks.

I read the account of your mother's death and was touched by it; not least of which by the remarkable similarity to my own mother's death. I can certainly attest to your point of how backbreakingly exhausting it is to care for a dying person.

As a last note, however: even though your mother died from metastases to the liver, it is still considered breast cancer, not liver cancer.

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