Joe With a Friend
Sing It, Sister Greer


Oh, Ronni, you've done it to me again... I was about to record a short video, read this post, and on came the waterworks.

But, *please* don't feel bad about that. You're teaching me a lesson which, maybe I knew subconsciously, but probably didn't grasp consciously, really until now - that if we *are* blessed to live a long life, we *will* have friends and loved ones, including many who are younger than us, who will die before us. Learning to accept that... to treasure the time we have together... to be able to remember those times, without pain, when those loved ones have gone... I'm so glad for you that you seem to be able to do this.

Th other thing that you seem to have (and that I don't) is an extensive store of photographic records of those in your life - I have virtually none. Which is mainly my fault. For years, I consciously avoided recording my life, or those in it, *because* I was so uncomfortable with my portrayal in it. Now, of course, I regret that - and I'm trying to make up for lost time.

Thank you Ronni - for continuing to inspire me.

Very sad and very moving. How nice though, that you and Joe had such a loving relationship and that you were able to tell one another that it was so.
Thanks for sharing.

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