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The Old Girls Calendar

As Bob Dylan once sang: "The times they are a-changing." Would you look at this:


We had a different post planned for today, but thanks to Jan Adams at Happening-Here? we shifted those plans on the spot. As Jan said on her blog, "this is too good to pass up": a spectacular fund-raising calendar from the First Parish of Framingham in Massachusetts.

If I were the religious sort, this would be my kind of church:

“The Calendar Project,” it says on the website, “is part of an initiative to celebrate and honor the women in our church. October will be declared ‘First Parish Celebrates Women Month.’ This calendar focuses on the beauty and accomplishments of senior women ages 66 to 85 in a whimsical and naughty way!”

All the 12 women represented in the 2006 calendar are members of the church. “This is a thumbs-up to older women,” said Judy Perry, 71, also known as Ms. February.

It certainly is, and you can have your very own copy for just US$15 by postal mail or PayPal. I’ve ordered mine. How about you? And I've sent a note to the church suggesting men for 2007, but they've probably already thought of that.


Ronni, I think you should go one better and organise your very own calendar. What is your favoutite charity? I envisage that there's a niche market for a calendar depicting naked older-lady-bloggers tastefully posed together with their computer and their cat/s. Run an eye down your blog-roll and down the list of Ollie's fans and I bet you will find 12 willing candidates without even trying. Regretfully I don't have a cat but I am sure you will have several volunteers register right here before the day is out.

All I can say is, those women had the benefit of a great photographer. Nobody takes pictures of me that are that good!

I thought you'd like it and I wanted more people to see it.

That's terrific, gave me my smile for the morning. This summer I bought my calendar for next year with a similar agenda to make money for Big Timber, Montana's performing art center and women of all ages with very humorous photos. A lot of what makes women look good is the photographer in any picture and any age. They did one of these a few years ago in Oregon and one of the women was in her 80s floating in a swimming pool and covered strategically with rose petals.

This is an idea from a group of women in England. It was featured in the movie "Calendar Girls." I agree with you that it's a wonderful idea. And while my poor old cat is not a candidate for your next calendar, I am. In fact, if anyone wants to put a calendar together to benefit my tech-assistance-to-the-third-world nonprofit Worlds Touch, I'm right there.

By the way, do try and see the movie "Calendar Girls" if you haven't. It's worth it.

Hello Ronni,

Your post put me to mind of the movie the "Calendar Girls" which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have enjoyed my visit. Thank you for giving us woman a soft place to fall.

I had no idea about the movie or similar calendars. Maybe I should get out more :-)

And they say people from Massachusetts are prudish. I don't
t-h-i-n-k so!

Millie from Massachusetts

Oh, Lord, were they actually naked in the church pews? Not sure I'd want to sit there after that...lol.

I may go buy this one. Last year I had an animal charity calendar from a small town in Washington where women of all ages were semi-nude with their pets. I think Jude is right--a blogging nude calendar. I'm sure game, but then I was a naturist for many years and would be still if I had someone to camp with.

Brings to mind the thing I keep asking myself: Why is there no "Senior Idol?" How come no "So you think you can dance?"

I'm told.."Who'd wanna watch that?"

Lets find out.

How come there are so few good radio stations? I want to hear Motown, R & B, oldies, good talk shows, etc.

I'm tired of hearing the same 40 songs of today (pffffft) over and over.

The sooner I can get satellite radio, the happier I'll be.

This rant has been brought to you by me clapping eyes on this gorgeous calendar. I love it.

Hurrah! Calendar Girls from MA. Methinks I'll get me one! Thanks, Ronni.

I'd need a LOT bigger book!

A few years ago an arts organization in my small town produced a similar fundraising calendar of local women who supported the arts - some artists and some generous donors. It was lovely. And in our small town, we know each other. My daughter used the calendar in her women's studies class on body image. It was an eye opener to young women struggling with body image.

A couple of years after that the same organization did a calendar of men including a well known 90+ year old actor and the 50-something owner of the local music store playing his saxophone in all his glory. It makes me proud to be over 50 in this town.

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