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Beau Bennett 1977 - 1996



[29 September 1996] In my flightier moments, I called him “Beautiful Baby Beau Bennett of Bedford Street.” He was smarter than your average cat, funnier too, and we worked out our living arrangements with more ease and success than is always so, in my experience, with male humans. Some things we did my way, others we did his way and we maintained our household without much argument for nearly 20 years.

Beau died at home in my arms in the evening of 29 September 1996.

There is Oliver now, unique and wonderful in his own way. But nearly ten years after Beau's death, sometimes I think I see him out of the corner of my eye trotting by on his way to check out the squirrels through the back windows.



Beau is either a very intospective cat or has just spotted a bug on the floor. I didn't realize that cats lived to 19. Isn't that unusual?

As you know, the feline love of my life, Riffraff, has been gone 10 months. I'd prayed for 20 years with him but we were only granted 15. Fifteen wonderful years with the most exceptional creature I've ever known. My longest successful relationship with a male.

Dorey, Andy, and Mike are my guys. I love their furry little selves to pieces but Riff was and is my heart.

You know that series of questions they ask on Actor's Studio? The last one is something like, "If there is a heaven what do you want to hear God say when you get to the Pearly Gates?"

All I want to hear is, "Your Papa and Riffraff are right over there."

How I can relate! My scottish fold cat died a year ago & I'm still not over it. I am looking for another one (female.) If anyone knows where I can get one, email me.

[email protected]

I'm in Montreal.

I sometimes think I see out of the corner of my eye, my little dog Muffin, who has been gone almost 7 years now. Sometimes I wonder.....

Lovely to see a picture of Beau. I wish I had been more cat-aware when I met him years ago. Of course even a (then) non-cat lover could not have helped being impressed.

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