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[1999] Remember how angry your mother got when you drew pictures on the living room wall with your crayons? Or, conversely at our ages, what a mess it was to clean up when the kids wrote on the walls?

A bunch of friends joined Elsbeth at her new home in Utah for Christmas and, filled with an abundance of, uh, holiday cheer one evening, it seemed a reasonable idea to write our favorite quotes and sayings on the dining room wall with Magic Markers. Even though long past childhood, we kept thinking our respective Moms would show up any minute to send us all to our rooms - which, of course, was part of the thrill.

Not to worry. In January Elsbeth knocked down the wall to expand her kitchen.



What a neat Christmas gift to give her friends! I can imagine the illicit pleasure it was.

It must have been fun. When I was in high school, I painted a picture of a pirate on my bedroom wall (I have no idea why I painted a pirate) and it took my dad 6 coats of paint to cover it over.

I did this many years ago in Pittsburgh. Had started redo of rest room off the great room just before New Year's Eve party. Had all wall covering peeled off, looked terrible. So put a few colored magic markers in there and wrote on wall myself to prime the pump. The morning after brought laughs from some of the stuff people wrote, particularly as the evening wore on and inhibitions dropped. Guess there is a little grafitti artist in all of us.

Only problem was some drunk somehow got high enough (pun intended) to write on ceiling. It bled through multiple coats of ceiling white paint. Probably still screaming thru the paint "Happy F---ing New Year".

Trying to cover magic marker on the wall.

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