Ronni and Meredith
Fear of Getting Old – Part 2: Becoming a Burden

Ronni with Staff and Interns



[1996] When we launched an open forum on the election website where readers could discuss issues, we needed to filter those naughty words some people like to use and others object to.

The web was so new then, there were no off-the-shelf filtering systems, so we sent the interns into a room one day and told them to come back with a list of every no-no word and every permutation of each of them they could think of for our home-made filter. We have wondered ever since what they wrote in the required report to their colleges of what they did on their summer internship.

The woman in the green shirt on the right is Laura Holder, then a designer at and now one of the founders of Daylo which I wrote about a few months ago. [Photo: Viktor Cea]


lauratitian @ 2003-12-07 said:
What the hell shirt was I wearing?? that...can’, can it? Where are Tim and Viktor??
i seriously don’t remember owning a mens` xl green shirt like that. Ronni, help me out here. Is that me? Eid someone photoshop my face over Tim Hyde’s body?

clarsen @ 2003-12-07 said:
NY has had an impact on you, Laura.

jkh_22 @ 2003-12-07 said:
No frickin’ way.

setya @ 2003-12-07 said:
Laura, you look like you are about 18 years old

williambernthal @ 2003-12-08 said:
How come I didn`t get to be a cbs intern?

sharonwatt @ 2003-12-08 said:
She was just a simple lass from Illinois before she came to the badass city.

zinetv @ 2003-12-08 said:
Ronni looks more at home with this setting and these people that she did in the 12/6 posted photo when she first started the project.

lauratitian @ 2003-12-08 said:
Hey, I weren’t no intern. Why does everyone assume I was an intern?

ronni @ 2003-12-08 said:
They think you’re an intern because you look so young, Laura. NOW HEAR THIS, EVERYONE. Lauratitian was no intern. Perhaps I should have been more clear. As fine a designer as Laura, is not to be found. She was staff and we could not have done any of it without her.

lauratitian @ 2003-12-08 said:
Hehe...not your fault. But thanks, Ronni!


Interns or not you all look wonderfully young, alive, and career driven. How fun!

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