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category_bug_journal2.gif Aren't all of you nice to leave get well messages. I posted that note yesterday so no one would think I'd died (though I sure feels like I have) and didn't expect any comments.

Actually, I'm feeling much better today, but this is really annoying. I rarely get sick and I have no patience with it. None. Nada. Zero. The crud, which I suspect is just a very bad cold, lays me flat - weak, stupid and crabby. Three days have gone by and I can't account for any of the time.

Nothing about getting older, so far, bothers me much and I've easily adjusted to the few physical changes. I can't stay up all night anymore, but I don't want to anyway. I can't carry as much weight home from shopping, so I make more trips - the better to check out what's going on in the neighborhood. I can't eat a normal-sized meal anymore, but I eat more for flavor and texture than hunger, so it's hardly a difficult adjustment.

But colds? When I got a cold as a kid, my mother handed me a couple of extra packs of Kleenex and sent me to school. I don't remember feeling bad except for an excessively runny nose. Now, colds hit three or four times as hard and last twice as long. It might as well be the flu except for no temperature.

When somethiing like this hits me, I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about getting older as I usually am.


So where do you stand on the flu-shot controversy? Get one or not? And what about the dreaded Bird flu? is it hype or a giant promo for the pharmaceuticals?
paranoia is so time-consuming.
feel better,

Just a note FYI about Ronni. You know she has been acting funny for several days now so I want to check in with you with some suggestions to cheer her up. First, go get her favorite book and open it. Make her a cup of hot strong tea and add a heaping half cup of whiskey and a few tablespoons of honey. Turn on some soft music then make her sit in a comfy chair by the window where it is sunny and light for awhile. After she is relaxed and warm nudge her toward bed and turn on a mindless TV show so she will drift off to sleep. When she awakens feed her. Chicken soup of course.

Oh I forgot. Stay real close and do your best snuggling up act and anything else cute you can come up with. Make her laugh several times a day. They say laughter is the best medicine. Personally, I think Tylenol is better.

Hope Oliver does what Chancy told him too. I don't recover as quickly as I once did either. Luckily, I haven't had a cold since last winter. Now if I could just quit jamming my foot into the door facing, I'd be fine, inctead of hobbling around with a little toe the size of a plum and nearly the same color!

Speaking of the flu... One really good thing about having an older and less-than-perfectly-funtioning immune system is you'll be less inclined to die of bird flu.

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