Portland, Maine This Week
A Poem – Again


Yep, the Hilton may work, but I also recently read (some post somewhere in the ether) about buying space on a cruise ship. I kind of liked that idea. This ship went everywhere and you even had a guest bedroom for visitors.

Good luck house hunting!

I loved the Hilton bit, I think I had missed it the first time around. @lin, I'd hate the cruise ship solution, I get sea-sick on a row-boat!

Thanks, Lin, for the idea of a cruise ship for retirement living.

How about stopping off in various locales for a time, then re-boarding the ship the next time it comes through?

When I kick the bucket, while on board, wonder if I can have arranged for a burial at sea? Sounds like a good solution for that bit of business.

We really do have lots of choices in life when we take time to think "outside the box," as well as listen to other's ideas.

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