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Technorati Sucks

Anyone who regularly reads this blog knows that the second word in that title is among Crabby Old Lady's least favorite, so when she does use it, you can be certain she is one pissed off ElderBlogger.

All Crabby is trying to do here is run a little blog about getting older. Smart people who know how to do such things create cool tools to help do that and then they run around telling all the gullible news folks how great they are and next thing you know, they are hotshot web gurus speaking at every tech conference and being treated as though they're actually know something other people don't...

But the damned cool tool works about as well as a one-bladed windmill.

When Crabby's own Technorati listing is wrong – always wrong - how can she trust it when she's searching for age-related content on other sites? And too often there are no results at all. Server overload. Try emailing the Technorati service department and what you get is dead silence, no response. Ever.

These are not temporary glitches which any site can be forgiven occasionally. This has been going on for most of the past year. In the spring, when Crabby gave up on the help desk and contacted CEO David Sifry, he got Crabby's listing updated after a few email exchanges. That lasted about two weeks until it fell into a black hole again.

Technorati’s Niall Kennedy attended the Blogher conference in late July where Crabby Old Lady sat in with Koan Bremner of Multidimensional.Me when she pigeon-holed him on this very issue. Although he talked a lot and fiddled with his laptop, Niall was defensive and nothing changed.

It turns out Crabby is not alone in her complaint. Google “technorati worthless” and you’ll get 170,000 results showing that she is way behind the curve in lost patience. Last August, Jason Kottke bid farewell to Technorati:

“Pretty much everyone I talk to in the industry thinks the site sucks and we've just been waiting for it to get better because, well, it would have to at some point, wouldn't it? Well, I'm tired of waiting. Goodbye, Technorati - your url will darken the door of my browser no longer.”

That other well-known Jason (Calacanis) became fed up too:

“I think the company has a focus issue. They always seem to be busy doing odd side projects like mobile, Live8, the redesign and CNN. If I was running that company I would focus on one thing and one thing only: the quality of the search results. That’s it. That’s the only reason Technorati exists and that’s the thing they are doing worst.”

That post was also published in August and it’s mid-November now with no improvement.

So like these guys and what appears to be a whole lot of others, Crabby Old Lady has dropped Technorati and will rely on Icerocket, Feedster, PubSub and/or Blogpulse.

Thank you for listening. Crabby feels much better now.


I've nearly always wondered why Technorati was so slow and thought it was a bit slack and consequently haven't visited as much as I could have.

At one stage I forgot my logon name and there was NOWHERE on the site where I could get my logon name posted like you can for the password. Niall Kennedy let me know my username. I know I wasn't the only one with this problem.

Thanks for the heads-up on its equivalents. I shall have a look.

I tried signing up for Technorati once and it was just too much of a pain in the ass, for something that should be so simple. I always wondered why people raved about them.

Technorati has done a lot of work this fall to make its search results fast and responsive. We definitely had some issues back in late August and early September but if you give the site another try you will find it is very quick to return your queries.

As for this particular blog, I see the latest posts are fully indexed by Technorati and available for search. I found this post using Technorati, and your blog content is available for discovery by anyone.

I was able to find one support ticket in Technorati's system for the e-mail address you have associated with your Technorati account. That ticket was resolved 9 months ago. If you would like to be a little more descriptive of your problem perhaps we can help.

Niall Kennedy
Community Manager

At Feedster, the number one thing is working on the quality of our index. The index is so important that we often have a company sing-a-long where we sing the Feedster index song...

Index Index I love you
Index Index....

...well you get the idea.

We put a huge amount of time into not just building the index, but ensuring the quality and speed of the search results. We are extremely active in eliminating spam-blogs...

...and we answer our emails.

Thanks for relying on us!

Alan Graham
Community Liaison
AIM: agrahamfeedster

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